Having a mobile device is great. But having something to beautify it and to entertain yourself when bored makes your mobile device more attractive. There are a lot that can beautify your mobile device. they are Games, wallpapers, apps, themes, fun videos, break dance videos, and many more. But where can all these by gotten? Sefan is an entertainment website which provides almost all you need for your mobile device to beautify it entertain yourself. The Sefan website is however free and open for the access for both adults and children to download as many contents as they can from it.

Sefan -  Free Sefan.ru Download Games, Videos, Apps, Themes and Wallpapers Online

Furthermore, Sefan also known as Sefan.ru is a website full of lots of entertaining contents. The first page which you first access before you can make choice on what to do on the Sefan website is the Homepage. However, Sefan allows free and easy access to its homepage for free without registration nor payment. Aside that, it not only gives you the privilege to download, you also get to make your choice according to your screen size for free and download what is compatible with your mobile device.

What can I Download on Sefan?

There is a lot for your mobile device available on the Sefan website. Not to worry about payments as all downloads you can make on the website is totally safe and free including java applications for lower android versions. Also, there are no limits to what you can download on the Sefan website doesn’t matter what you want to download. However, the contents available for download on the Sefan entertainment site includes; Android files, Themes, Videos, Wallpapers, Basketball, Street Racing, Gravity defied, Parkour, Skating, football and many more.

How to Download on Sefan

As mentioned earlier above, Sefan has a lot you can download for your mobile. But the problem could be how to download those contents. Although, the download process is a very easy one which you can figure out yourself. But some steps would be listed for you especially new users finding it difficult to go about the download steps. Here are steps listed for you below;


Games are fun and very entertaining. Sefan has however made them available on its site for download. So that you do not find your lower android device boring. Check below steps on how to download Games on the Sefan website and choose which you would love to follow;

Sefan java Games

  • Visit the Sefan website @ https://sefan.ru/?style=2&lan=en
  • Click on the New java games free link
  • Select which category you want to choose from (By search, Games Top-100, By models, By genres (7050), By manufacturers, For all screen or choose your screen size or type)
  • Locate and tap on the game
  • On the game page, click on the download link to begin download

Sefan Games for Android

  • Click on the Android link
  • On the Android OS page, click on games
  • Choose which category you want to download games from
  • Select and click which game you want under the category
  • Tap on the download button on the game page

Sefan Games for Symbian OS or smart phones

  • Click on the Symbian OS link
  • On its page, click on the Games
  • Select the category you want to download from
  • Select and click on a game you want to download
  • Tap on Game type
  • Click on the Game you want to process its download and click on the download button on the Game page


The main purpose of a theme is to beautify a mobile device. Themes makes your mobile device more attractive than normal due to the fact that you get to choose whichever wall paper you feel would look amazing on your mobile device. However, Sefan has made that available and possible for you to download on its website. Check below how to download;

  • Click on the Themes link
  • Select your device model (Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Nokia or Motorola)
  • Choose your device screen size
  • Select your choice of wallpaper
  • Click on the download button


  • Click on the New wallpaper free link
  • Select your screen size or your preferred size of wall paper
  • Select which category of wall paper you like (Demons and Vampires, Playboy Girls, Selection #1, #2, #3, Abstraction, Animal, Anime and more)
  • Pick any image you like for your wall paper and click on it to begin download


There are different types of videos available on the Sefan website. They include, Basketball, Football, Parkour, Skating, break dance, fun videos and many more. Check how to stream below.

  • Select which type of video you would love to stream on the Sefan home page
  • Click on one of the videos from the listed under the category
  • Click on the play button on the streaming page.

The download and streaming process is applicable to any type of video, wall paper or games you want to download according to your device categories. But the download process on the Sefan website depends on your device type and the content you want to download. The content/file specially designed for a particular device might not be compatible to other devices. Therefore, check for your device on the website and process the download for the file compatible with your mobile device.