Selling on eBay is an opportunity created by eBay to help promote business owners or producers to showcase or to help put up their goods for sale. You also need to have an eBay account before you can sell on eBay.

Selling on eBay - Start Selling Online on eBay | How to Sell on eBay

One thing I love about selling on eBay is that users can sell anything. But its good to sell things which other users are interested on. Some users that sell electronics such as Laptops and mobile phone mostly sell some of this devices as parts. So its very important to note what the item is listed as on eBay.

How to Set up an eBay seller account

in other to start selling on eBay once you have created an account which is also known as eBay sign up. You will need to set up your account in other to be able to start selling. follow the below steps to start selling on eBay.

  • Visit eBay website which is as the official URL.
  • Go to the registration page and select either for a personal account or business account.
  • You will be required to give your details and click on register afterward.
  • Once you’ve registered, you can start selling.

How to sell on eBay seller account

You need to have an eBay account, first of all, you can check my previous article on how to register if you don’t have an eBay account yet. You may have to create a reputation for yourself by buying a few items before you can start selling on eBay.

  • Click on sell which is located at the top right section on eBay homepage
  • Create a list of the items you’d like to sell.
  • Confirm your details and add an automatic method of payment for any eBay

You may be required to verify your identity to know if you are the real owner by providing your credit card or phone number. This is done to help secure your account.

Guides for Selling on eBay

It is advisable for you to sell what you know a lot about. Originality matters a lot in business so as selling on eBay. It is best for you to know or verify the authenticity of what you are about to sell before you upload it for sale.

  • Reduce risk by selling what you already have available. Learn not to advertise things you are anticipating to sell, but you are yet to have or to put up a product you have not made your mind up on whether to sell or not.
  • Consider the time you will use in listing your items. Like the saying goes “time is money” you should not spend too much time on one product. Learn to snap important and necessary places for upload
  • You should also know what is trending. As you need to know what consumers want at a particular time. You cannot try to sell a sweatshirt during summer, it will take time for a buyer to purchase it.
  • Consider also the shipping and storage logistics. Invest in these really good insulated pallet quilts to avoid having issues with shipments getting damaged due to extreme temperatures in the future.
  • You also need to know how quick you can move your inventory and how long you can wait. A software, such as inventory forecasting, may be necessary to lessen the worries and hassle.

You should also know what you can’t sell. There are lots of things that have been prohibited on eBay that cannot be sold, so you need to know all those prohibited products before you can upload your items for sale.

Things You Cannot Sell on eBay Through eBay Seller Account

There are a whole lot of things you can sell through eBay selling account, but there are some that products or things that have been prohibited based on some countries policy and also on the eBay selling platform amongst which include the followings

  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Live animals
  • Used clothes
  • Child pornography
  • Weed
  • Tobacco
  • Police related items
  • Drugs
  • Gift cards, etc.

How to Demand Refund on eBay

  • Let the seller knows you have a problem if you have gotten the item or you want to return it or if it has not arrived
  • Try to sort things out with the seller. They have three business days to rectify a buyer’s complaints
  • You can call on eBay to intervene if the seller could not resolve your problem.

What to do if a Buyer has an Issue

  • If a buyer does not get the item they ordered for, they are entitled to a refund or replacement unless you have been able to track that the item was delivered. You will have to reach an agreement that will benefit the both of you
  • If a buyer wants to return an item, your options should be on the reason why they want to return such item. It could be that the item is damaged or does not match the description they saw before they purchased it.
  • If you accept for them to return such goods, you are advised to wait for such item to arrive before you refund their money. Payment of the shipping will depend on the reason why the buyer is returning the earlier purchased item.

In conclusion, like I earlier said in the introductory aspect, selling on eBay is a medium created by eBay to help business owners or producers to help manage their goods. Equal security is created for both buyers and sellers.