Sharing on Facebook Setting – Facebook Privacy Settings

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What is sharing on Facebook setting? Do you want to control what you share on the Facebook platform? Are you looking for a means to total control over your sharing on Facebook? If that’s what you are looking for then this article is for you. “Sharing on Facebook settings” is the page or settings page on Facebook where Facebook users can easily manage their sharing n the platform.

Facebook is a very wide platform and maybe due to some personal reasons, you don’t want some persons to see your post on Facebook. You can actually set your account in such a way that these persons do not see your posts on Facebook. With the Facebook sharing settings, you can set your audience status to the public, your friend’s or your friends and connections on the platform.

How to Get Access to the Sharing On Facebook Setting

Just as the name implies, this tool or feature is only available to Facebook users. If you, therefore, are not yet a Facebook user you cannot make use of this feature. To, therefore, make use of this feature you need to create your own personal account on the platform now. Creating an account on Facebook is easy. To do this, visit the Facebook platform on the web at Facebook or via the mobile app. On the Facebook page, tap or click on the create account tab and follow the prompts to create your account successfully.

Once your account has been created on the platform you can now continue to the sharing settings on Facebook. To get access to the page where you set your sharing status, visit here Facebook Privacy. This tool appears in different places on the Facebook platform. So therefore when you make changes to one, the same thing happens to the rest.

How to Choose Who Sees Your Post on Facebook

When updating your status on Facebook, you will see an audience tool just below your post. From this audience tool, you can now select who you share your post with. This tool works funnily. The audience with which you shared your post the last time is set as default for your next post unless you choose to change it. There is one thing you need to know though. When you post or share a post to someone’s timeline, the said person controls who can view the post.

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