Shopify Facebook Store Demo – Online Store

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What is the Shopify Facebook store demo? Do you have products and are therefore looking for a platform to sell them? Well, all you need to do is to get a shop on the ground and start selling as it is very necessary. or let’s say you don’t have the means to set up a shop on the ground as it’s just a startup, what will you do now?

Shopify Facebook Store Demo - Online Store

What if I tell you that there is another way. To sell your products. This is not just and backup plan it is the best plan and way forward for you now. This is called selling online. Or rather an online store. If you don’t know about it or haven’t heard of it you have absolutely nothing to worry about s I will be telling you all you need to know in the course of this article.

What Is an Online Store?

An online store works in the same vein as a normal physical storefront where customers can visit to get or buy your products. But instead of a physical store on ground, this is being set up online. Customers can also visit your store and buy your products.

The online store is better than the physical store due to its features and all, although it has its disadvantages. With the online store your products get exposure on a global scale.  You also spend less in setting up an online store than when setting up a physical store on ground. There are other benefits and advantages of setting up an online store.

What Is a Facebook Store?

A facebook store is a facebook feature. With this facebook feature facebook users can easily set up an online store and list their products for sale. Unlike other online store platform the facebook store is free to set up and use.

What Is A Shopify Store

Shopify is on ecommerce platform. It is one of the many ecommerce platforms we have in the world today. It is one of the best online store platforms. t has great features and the platform is relatively cheap compared to other platforms.

What is The Shopify Facebook Store Demo?

Setting up an online store on facebook is great, but because it’s free its feature are limited. But the shopify platform is not free. It has a 14 day free trial period though. The shopify platform has great features and its one of the best. So therefore it is wise to integrate the shopify store to your facebook page.

Most people don’t know of this or have a better understanding of how it works. Shopify has seen this problem and has therefore come up with a solution. They made a demo. So therefore anyone who has not gotten a full grasp of how it works can see it and therefore get the understanding needed. To get through to the shopify facebook store demo go to on your device.

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