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Spread the love links you to the world of entertainment giving users an amazing display of different categories of movies and tragedy films. Reaching out to millions of users from countries such as the Czech Republic, and Slovakia to stream movie content on a little subscription. provides users with the benefit of getting in touch with the latest online movies. Videos from others county like America, Canada, the UK, Czech, and Slovakia. Bought in a single platform in form of a cloud allowing users access millions of movies. Movies are been displayed on the Sledujserialy homepage as users can also make a quick search using the search bar. is granted by the copyright foundation but restricted to some locations. Meaning that any users outside the following sketch above might not be granted access to the service. But still finding in way out of the box to provide other users access to the platform. If you are out of your home, bathroom, or kitchen you can control the services with a click of the app. Sledujserialy is created in a way that gives users the feeling of using the services. While accessing the homepage immediately click the link on your web browser.

The feature is displayed like a small slide clip video which attracts your attention to what the services offer. Given a colorful display of movies and a web link page that offers you access to requests of a series. Also, a contact icon at the top to communicate with the operator about what you feel is not right. Search icon to find what you want and a status icon for registering to the services will be our main focus and how to view the categories to watch movies one by one.

Watch Videos on

Unlike every others platform whereby the features of watching videos are so much that it makes users feel stressed out while looking for videos. But on the homepage, the features are categorized easily and visible meaning that very users then access the services can easily find the following features.

The Search Icon: Locating the search icon on is very simple and easy to use as long as you have the name of the movies. The search engine has a search box and searches icon. This is where you input the name of the movies and the icon is where you click to search for the movies. Locate the icon at the top left corner on web page. For example, enter the word vampire, and click on the wanted movies. A description of the movie is shown and at the right corner is where you will see a number of series click on it and start watching.

Shows: On the feature where you located the search icon after the home icon is shown. This has to do with categories of videos on in terms of search tools. Using the show’s icon directs you to the categories of movies on sledujserialy either horror, action, or adventurous movies. To use the features click on the icon choose a genre year and how the movies are rated or viewed. Click on the movies to watch on www. sledujserialy.SK web page.


The homepage should have been the first but I decided to take it as the last content. Home is an essential part of the services. Very easy to access because when you click the link and it takes you to sledujserialy home. Videos are displayed with a wide number of selected movies below. While trying to scroll down the middle section where you see new episode, new episode with subtitles and sort by. The categories when clicked also provide ways of watching movies.

At the top of the features, serial on request is where you can find sledujserial movies you don’t see on the above features. To enjoy the privilege of the services and to use the features to watch movies. You need to fulfill one option which is to have an account also located at the top.

How to Create an Account on

The service requires a subscription to enjoy the following benefit, the ability to download unlimited movies episode. Have access to watch vices from abroad, and compete in a contest to win prizes. Given the privilege to add movies to the favorite’s icon. Comment on the episode you have watched and to create an account follow this procedure.

  • Click on the human icon.
  • Fill out your nickname, name, and surname.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Fill in again the password and click I’m not a robot.
  • Click sign up now.

The flowing step will guide you in creating an account and also lead to you subscribing to the services using the payment methods. Note that the services available in English translation for understanding easily.