Sledujufilmy is a platform for streaming videos of any categories and its available to users from around in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and the Czech Republic. services were first established in the Czech Republic and were used by the Czech republicans. Running work exactly as your monthly subscription to watching movies such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon video, and others different streamlining. But for the benefit of users, you don’t have to pay monthly or yearly fees to enjoy limitless videos is the best platform for you.

Sledujufilmy - Watch Movies Online |

So I want to ask a question would you love to have a video of you showcase on the site whereby users can watch and get to know your biography. Or you don’t want to keep subscribing for a monthly fee and want to enjoy latest videos and trailer from wides series of movies. Given the access to download movies for free, note that it makes use of an internet connection. If you answer is yes let get into more on whats on and how to stream a video. With the internet connection on your web browsers through the link users can access the services. The servers are linked to a third party and also attached to the DMCA. homepage might look complicated at first look of the site. But with the guide below you will enjoy the benefits. The site only deals with movies and other relating stuff to making videos. A little description of the categories is listed at the top of page. Like comedy, horror, mystery, adventure, music, war, Czech movies. There are more categories and each category direct you to the main functions of the movies. The services allow users to choose from this categories, the most advantage of the categories is that users can decide to stream videos on any platform. Meaning that you can watch videos on subtitles selection and dubbing. On the right and left corner, link users to another service when clicked.


Users can stream the following, series, program, personality, trailer, making of, Excepts from the film, TV commercials, interviews, online games, dating. Then beneath the above following, you see features such as movies by year, movies by request, disclaimer, authors, add link and contact. All the following features are what make the services a reliable platform for watching videos. So I will be picking three out of the following features Online Games

Like I told you while we were going through the services on platform. The services also have a station for playing video games. Such as hero zero, good game empire, my free zoo, my little farming, warfare, cross out, big farm, forges of empires, lineage II, Travian, revelation online, throne kingdom at war, Tera. All these games can be played when users click the games categories. Select the games and to access it at the top page register as a member of web platform.

Dating dating features provide different dating site for starting up a relationship. Click on the features and then click on the image to direct you to the page. There you can create an account to enjoy online relationships.


On the personality, there are different images of popular actors and actress like will smith, wine diesel, Jennifer Aniston, Bruce willies, Jason Statham, Jackie Chan, Dwayne Johnson with their biography. You can find your favorite actor or actress and learn more about their life experiences on web platform.

The search engine is available at the top for locating your favorite movies on the right-hand page. Also, there are also categories of numbers fo videos and trailers to choose from, besides the search engines. To stream the movie you need by creating an account and enjoying the benefit stated below.

How to Create a Account

Open an account on allows users to participate in the free promo to earn new instant prices. Add your favorite movies to the icon of later viewing, register for free. Lastly, users will have access to add additional movies to the icon only if you complies as a member of the services. To become a member;

  • lunch your web browser and enter on the URL section.
  • Click on the i want to register icon at the top right section.
  • Enter your prefered login information password and Email.
  • Click on the registration icon just below the section for Email.

Then agrees to the terms and then click register. Users can use the Facebook method to access the services by click “register vis Facebook”. Click continues and starts using the benefits of the services. After creating the account to log out of the services at the top corner icon in form of a human.