Have you heard of social media that enables you to snap with different filters, add to your stories, and share with friends? This social media is called Snapchat. However, it is impossible to access snap chat without first accessing the Snapchat sign-up. Therefore, what is Snapchat sign-up? This is a step taken to be a part of social media and enjoy the features Snapchat social media has to offer. You can access the snap chat sign-up in two different places on your device. However, this can be done either by the website or by the mobile app.

Snapchat Sign Up - How to Create a Snapchat Account | snapchat.com

Furthermore, the Snapchat sign-up enables you to do so many things. You can however sign up with email, phone number, and Facebook. The choice is yours. Also, with Snapchat sign up you can create your own Bitmoji account. However, you can also access the Snapchat sign-up without a phone number. The process is very easy and would be explained to you in this article. Therefore, read further to know about how to access the snap chat sign-up and more of what it entails and also enables you to do.

How do I go about the Snapchat Sign-Up?

The snap chat sign up does not require payment. Therefore, you can do it free of charge. However, you might not want to sign up for snapchat with phone number but with email. Don’t worry, the steps on how to go about that would be explained under this subheading. As you know, you can access the snapchat sign up via the website and also the mobile app. Here ae the steps on how to use emails instead of phone numbers and vice versa to access the snapchat sign up;

For Website Users

You can sign up on your desktop by;

  • Visiting the snap chat website @ https://accounts.snapchat.com/accounts/signup
  • Then enter your personal information which includes your name, username, password, phone number and birthday.
  • Click on the sign up and accept button

By clicking on the sign up and accept button, you have agreed to all the terms and condition og the snapchat sign up.

For mobile phone users

  • Install the mobile app on your device and open
  • Click on the sign-up button
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Enter your birthday
  • You can use Snapchat given username or change it by clicking on the “change my username” link
  • Then click on the continue button
  • Set up a strong password of at least 8 characters
  • Then on the next page, you can choose either to

Snapchat Sign Up with Email

  • If email, enter your email address and click on continue
  • But if phone, click on the “sign up with phone instead” link and enter your phone number
  • Click on the continue button after that
  • Verify your account with the code sent to you
  • You can choose to add your phone number after adding the email or skip if you don’t want to

After these steps, you can now start adding friends or skip that step too if you don’t want to add friends. With this, you have successfully accessed the snapchat sign up. Choosing either to use email or phone to sign up is not available on the website. so therefore, you can only use your mobile phone to sign up on the snapchat website.