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I know by now you already know of facebook games. This, therefore, means that Facebook users can now play games on the Facebook platform without having to log out of their accounts or leave the Facebook platform. On this article today I will be writing specially on facebook games. Sorry to burst your bubble if you think I will be writing on Solitaire Games. I will only be writing on one of the games on Facebook. The name of this game is the solitaire game hence the topic of this very article “facebook messenger solitaire game”. The solitaire game has been around for some time now. It is a very popular game. Almost everyone who has indulged his or herself in playing games knows of this very game.

Solitaire Games Online - Solitaire Games on Facebook | Solitaire Games Play

The solitaire game is a game that is considered by so many players as the most pleasurable time killers or pastimes. This game can sometimes be known as patience. Ever since the inception of this game over 150 of the game itself has been created or developed. Personally, I don’t know to play this very game but to some extent, I can play it. The solitaire game is a card game. Players of this very game have found the game to be very intriguing and interesting. If you do not know how to play this game or you can play but to an extent, then you are in luck. Since I didn’t know to play this game I went on to research about the game itself and how to play and in the process came across some interesting facts regarding the game.

What You Need To Play the Facebook Solitaire Games

For you to be able to play this game on facebook you need two things. The two things needed to play this game is a facebook account or a messenger account and a facebook messenger app installed to your device. If you do not have either of these two you need to have them first before proceeding to play this game on the Facebook platform.

To create a Facebook account is easy. All you have to do to accomplish this is to visit the official facebook sign up page at and follow the on-screen instructions. That is it on creating a facebook account. Now to download the messenger app to your device is easy also. Visit your devices app store, search for the facebook messenger app and tap on the install tab next to it. Immediately the app will be downloaded and installed to your device be it an Android device or an iOS device.

How to Play the Facebook Messenger Solitaire Games

On the facebook messenger platform, there are different solitaire games. And since all these are solitaire games playing them is pretty basic. This means that if you can play one of these games you can the rest. This is due to the fact that the rules for playing these games are the same. We have the insta solitaire, cooking tower solitaire and the solitaire games on facebook messenger. This very game can be played on card tables or areas that are smaller than card tables. A standard solitaire game uses one 52-card pack.

The main objective of the game is to play certain cards into positions to build up foundations in suits and in sequences, and this is done from the ace through to the king. Once you get this done, just know that you have won the solitaire game. When playing this game you need to be sharp and vigilant.

There are four different types of piles in solitaire which are the tableau, the foundations, the stock or hand pile, and the talon or waste pile. Note that you will have to arrange and build these piles individually. When creating piles on the game also note that these are done form the left to the right, always. For a piece of well-detailed information on how to play the solitaire games on facebook visit this page online at

How to Access This Game on the Facebook Messenger App and Start Playing

Once your account is in place and you have the messenger app installed to your device you can now start playing this game. To play this game, follow the steps below;

  • Launch the Messenger app on your device.
  • You will have to log in to the app if you are not logged in.
  • Tap on the menu icon on the messenger page.
  • On the menu page tap on the games tab.
  • You will find the solitaire game on the games tab page but if you did not find it there you can use the search bar to search for the game.
  • Tap on the play tab next to the game from your search results.

That’s all on how you can access the game and start playing Solitaire Games Online. You can play this game via Facebook.