Solitaire Live – Solitaire Live on Facebook

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Do you know the Facebook messenger solitaire live game? I believe that the solitaire game is one of the best and most famous game in the world right now. Well, this game is very popular among game players across the globe. It is almost impossible to see a person who loves playing games especially card games who do not know about this very game. The solitaire game has taken different forms since its introduction to the gaming world.

Solitaire Live - Solitaire Live on Facebook

Different versions of the game have been developed but the game rule and plan of this game still remains the same, nothing changes. The solitaire game can be gotten and played in different platforms across the world. This game can easily be downloaded from different app stores across the globe like the Google play store and the apple app store. You can also play this game on other platforms.

A very prominent example of a platform this game can be played on is the Facebook platform. This game called the solitaire game can be played across all Facebook platforms like the facebook messenger platform. There are different versions of this game on the facebook messenger platform but the one this article is focusing on is the solitaire live and the Facebook platform is the facebook messenger platform.

What You Need To Play This Game

You don’t need much to play this game. You only need to be a registered Facebook user in order to play this game. Also, you need to have the facebook messenger app installed to your device. If you do not have these things in place you need to create a facebook account now and also download the messenger app.

To create a facebook account, Facebook and follow the on-screen instructions. To download the facebook messenger app visit your devices app store. Once these things are in place you can now play this game successfully.

How to Play the Facebook Messenger Solitaire Live Game

As I have earlier established, the game rule of this game does not change. It is the same as the solitaire game you have been playing before. If you do not know to play this game enter here. Follow the steps below to start playing this game on the facebook messenger platform;

  • Open the messenger app on your device.
  • Log in to the app if you are not logged in.
  • Search for the game using the search bar on the messenger app page.
  • Tap on the play tab next to the game on your search results.

Wait for the game to load and start playing. That’s all you need to play this game on the facebook messenger platform.