S&T Undergraduate Scholarship Application

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Are you Filipino? Are you looking for the opportunity to apply and get a scholarship that offers great coverage and benefits to scholars? Furthermore, do you have an interest in science and technology? Well, you are in the right place. In this article, I will be giving you information about S&T Undergraduate Scholarship. If you are hearing about it for the first time, do not fret because this article is in simple units so you can understand. Now, let us discover and learn what the DOST S&T Undergraduate is about and how to apply online.

S&T Undergraduate Scholarship Application

How Does S&T Undergraduate Scholarship Work?

What is S&T Undergraduate Scholarship and how does it work? Well, the DOST scholarship program comes in two types. Furthermore, the purpose of these programs is to encourage and bring skilled and talented Filipino students and scholars to go for high-yielding careers circling Science and Technology. In addition, it is also to bring progress to the country as well.

Types Of S&T Undergraduate Scholarship

There are two types of S&T Undergraduate Scholarship. Furthermore, they have their own requirements. So, below I will be giving you brief details and information about both of them.

  • Merit.
  • RA 7687.


The Merit scholarship is known as the DOST-SEI Merit Scholarship program. Furthermore, this program is given to scholars with high skills in science and mathematics. But you must be willing to study in the field of science and technology,

RA 7687

RA 7687 is also known as the Republic Act No.7687. Furthermore, it is also recognized as the Science and Technology Scholar Act of 1994. So, the RA 7687 scholarship is for talented students who come from families under socio-economic status. So, if you want to apply for this program, you can study engineering, applied sciences, science and mathematics teaching, and basic sciences.

What Does S&T Undergraduate Scholarship Cover?

When you apply for the S&T Undergraduate Scholarship, there are benefits and coverages that you get to enjoy. In other words, qualified students have the opportunity to get and receive these benefits:

  • Book allowance.
  • Monthly living allowance.
  • A graduation allowance.
  • Group Health and Accident Insurance.
  • Clothing allowance.
  • Students who are studying outside their home province will get a transportation allowance.
  • A Thesis allowance.

Lastly, students who are registered in private HEIs get tuition and other schooling expenses allowance.

Qualifications To Apply For DOST Science & Technology Undergraduate Scholarships

Your eligibility matters when it comes to applying for scholarships and the DOST S&T Scholarships program is no exception. So, before you proceed to apply for this scholarship, you need to find out if you are eligible to find out if you will be moving to the next step. Here are the merit scholarship requirements:

  • You must be a member of the STEM strand senior high school graduating class or department or must be among the top 5% of the Non-STEM strand senior class.
  • Applicants must be a natural-born Filipino citizens.
  • You must not have any undergraduate or post-secondary units.
  • To qualify, you must not have taken any DOST-SEI examination in the past.
  • Candidates should have good morals.
  • You must be healthy.

Now, with this information, you should be able to find out whether or not you are qualified for the undergraduate scholarship.

DOST Undergraduate Scholarship Requirements

This is a list of requirements that you need to meet before you can apply for the two programs available at DOST:

  • A Birth certificate.
  • A Certificate of good moral character.
  • Good health certificate.
  • A parent/s or legal guardian’s income tax return.
  • A recent photo and passport size of 3.5cm x 4.5 cm or 1.4 inches x 1.8 inches.
  • A principal certificate.
  • A signed declaration of the applicant and the legal guardian or parent.
  • A parent’s certificate that indicates no lingering immigration application to another country.
  • Certificate of residency.
  • Candidate’s certification Re-Not a DOST scholar before application.

And you also need to provide an authentic copy of your permanent student record also known as your report card.

How To Apply For S&T Undergraduate Scholarship

If you are a natural-born Filipino and you have gone through the requirements and qualifications and you are sure that you are qualified, this is the last thing that you need to carry out. So, I will be showing you how to apply for the DOST undergraduate scholarship:

Once you do so, follow the steps on the next page to be able to complete your application. Moreover, make sure that you provide all the necessary documents and information before you submit your application online.