Lots of online video game market stores which a user can select to use anytime they wish to are in the world today. It all depends on the online store a user decides to visit to purchase a video game. There are lots of online video game store a user can choose to use the likes of Gog.com, Xbox Live, PlayStation store, and many others. When it comes to PC gaming the Steam store is biggest and most used video game marketplace a user can use to get games of their choice.

Steam Store - Create A Steam Account On Steam Store

Steam store services can be accessed by users via many means. One of them is through Steam official web platform with the use of the URL http://store.steampowered.com on their personal computer web browser. The second means a user can access the Steam store is through the Steam client apps or software on Mac, Windows and mobile operating systems like Android and Apple iOS.

Features Of The Steam Store

Steam store is fun to use when getting video games for PCs. This is possible due to the design and layout of the Steam library. When a user opens the store on their device. The Steam library provides the user with the best Steam sales at that given point in time. These Steam sales contain different games and software which the storefront recommends for the user. They are based on past purchases, reviews, and past gaming sessions.

Users can purchase what they like from the game and software recommendations they see in the Steam library. Purchasing a game or software from the Steam market is very easy and secure. There are many payment options a user can use to successfully purchase an item from the online store. They include gift cards, credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoins and many others. It depends on what the user feels will be more convenient for he or she to use to make payments.

After a user purchases a game or software from the Steam store. The steam platform will give them access to the Steam account which they used to purchase the item to download the game or software to any compatible device. Users can also give this access to another Steam users by simply purchasing the item as a gift and giving it to the person via online. This process of giving another user access to download games to their device comes with some certain requirements.

One of the best feeling making use of this platform is that user can get refunds when they purchase a game they don’t like or that have issues. The online Steam market for video games has many other amazing features a user can access by they simply logging into their steam account when they visit the Storefront web platform.

How To Create A Steam Account On The Steam Store Website

Users that want to use the Steam platform as a medium through which they get video games for their device. Have to ensure they have an active Steam account to do so. With the Steam account, users will be able to get Steam games from the online storefront. They will be able to interact with other Steam users. With it, users can make use of all the services the Steam platform have to offer. The steps users can follow to create a Steam account includes.

  1. Open the website http://store.steampowered.com on your device web browser.
  2. Click on the login button at the top right side of the website’s homepage.
  3. Click on Join Steam.
  4. Create and enter your steam account name.
  5. Choose and enter a password for your Steam account.
  6. Re-enter the password to confirm the first one.
  7. Input your active email address.
  8. Re-enter the email address to confirm it.
  9. Enter the character you see correctly in the required field.
  10. Read and go through the terms and condition to see if you are okay with it.
  11. Click on the small box if you agree to the terms and conditions of Steam platform.
  12. Click on Continue.

Immediately after the above steps, the platform will send a link to the email address the user input when filling the account creation form. Users are to click on this link to verify the email address they input while filling the Steam account creation form. Users need to carry out this step to complete their account creation process. After the user complete the account creation process they will be able to log into their Steam account and purchase games from the steam store anytime they wish to.