SteelSeries Artics 9x Wireless – Get A Better Headset

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Are you a gamer? And you are out for the best headset to make game playing enjoyable and comfortable. This article will enlighten you more on the new product from SteelSeries. SteelSeries is a Denmark-based company that produces a wide range of gaming peripherals, gaming accessories, headsets, keyboards, gaming surfaces products in video games, PC gaming, consumer electronics, application software, professional gaming, computer hardware, and more. SteelSeries is your major source to get the best gaming headsets that are compatible with your PC. In this article, we will be letting you know about SteelSeries Artics 9x wireless.

Over time, SteelSeries has stood out among its counterpart in manufacturing advanced headsets that are better, durable, compatible, and comfortable for its customers. One such product is the new SteelSeries Artics 9x wireless gaming headset. The SteelSeries Artics 9x wireless gaming headset is the best wireless headset on sale, with a high performance of 2.4Gz for premium gaming on PC and Xbox.  The Artics 9x wireless headset is compatible with Xbox, with a discord-certified microphone offering a noise cancellation for clear and natural sound to improve effective communication on all platforms.

About SteelSeries Artics 9x Wireless Gaming Headset

Furthermore, the Artics 9x wireless headset is the best for gaming. As the name implies it is a wireless headset that does not need to be connected to a cable to function. This wireless headset is a discord-certified microphone, that focuses on superior sound, to give you a clear and noise-free sounding. For comfort and usability, it features a ski mask-inspired suspension headband and athletic-inspired fabric Airweave ear cushions.


Meanwhile, the Artics 9x features a whole lot of amazing and beneficial features that give customers comfort and heads over an opponent, premium gaming experience.

  • It easily connects to your Xbox series XS or your Xbox one without connecting to a cable.
  • It put together a high performance of 2.4GHz lossless wireless for quality gaming audio experience on PC, Play station or Xbox.
  • The Artics 9x wireless headset comes with a Bluetooth connectivity that enables you connect to any Bluetooth enabled device or Xbox or connect wirelessly with your mobile device to take calls, play music and also VoIP chat.
  • It features a discord-certified microphone that focuses on giving you superior sound and noise cancellation, so you can have a crystal clear, no noise and natural sound.
  • With the additional feature of dialing your balance of game and chat audio with your wireless headset without stopping or pausing your game. It allows you play your game and still voice chat. You can control your chatmix.
  • The Artics 9x wireless headset offers a battery life of 20+hours, so you can game all day.
  • For your comfort and compatibility, it features an artistic inspired Airweave ear cushions.
  • It is constructed with a durable steel headband and a ski Google suspension headband for easy balancing and comfort on the head. Eliminating pressure points and sharing the weights easily.
  • DTS headphone: 2.0 provide quality and clear surround sound for PC.
  • It allows you stream two audio sources at the same time, one from your 2.4GHz transmitter, the other from your Bluetooth device. This give you access to game and listen to music.

Also, the SteelSeries Artics 9x wireless headset has other valuable features. But you first need to purchase it to check out other hidden features.

Artics 9x Wireless Headset Pricing And Shopping

However, you can shop for your own SteelSeries Artics 9x wireless headset on the official platform of SteelSeries. Also, on,, the services,, cool shop, Pricing differs for each platform; free shipping is also available on some of the platforms. However, the original price of the Artics 9x wireless headset on the SteelSeries platform is €219.99.

To Shop on The Official SteelSeries Platform

  • Visit on your browser.
  • Select product.
  • You can select shop by category or,
  • Click the search engine box for easy search.
  • Type in Artics 9x wireless headset.
  • Enter the country you want to ship to.
  • Click buy now.

In conclusion, the SteelSeries Artics 9x wireless headset although is expensive but is worth your money. If you want quality sound then the Artics 9x wireless connection is the best.