Terra Kaffe TK-02 – How to Get Terra Kaffe TK-02 | Features

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If you are a coffee lover like I am, then I can also imagine the stress you also go through every morning trying to open a bean bag. Meanwhile, it is also a nice coffee brand and that’s if that’s your favorite also. Sometimes, I just wished I could have this dream of having something to help with the whole coffee preparation with ease. Well, yeah, looks like that dream is finally coming real. Ever since I heard about the Terra Kaffe TK-02 new release, it has been all about joy. This is because, with the features on the gadget, morning coffee just got tastier!.

Terra Kaffe TK-02 - How to Get Terra Kaffe TK-02 | Features

Additionally, the newly announced version has proven to be what you need to get your coffee life smooth. This gadget can be likened to a super-automatic espresso. Also, it’s a coffee maker which is designed to help blend into the kitchen decor. It can blend even while it still makes top-notch coffee drinks. It is designed as a more portable and advanced version of the brand’s initial Tk-01. Nevertheless, it is also a good espresso machine. The Terra Kaffe TK-02 is designed with a built-in coffee grinder that can also blend coffee with just a push of the power button. With the new version, the café has finally made it home!

Furthermore, it comes in two body design colors which are black and white. Of course, you will love any of these colors. from dark roast to light roast, Terra Kaffe TK-02’s anti-stick hopper is capable of handling any coffee produced with ease.


Although it is yet to be released, based on our research, this is what you should be expecting from the newly made Terra Kaffe TK-02;

The new version can carry out all of the following functions.

  • If you want to precise your milk frothing, then it is the best gadget to get.
  • Can connect milk carafe easily.
  • self-cleaning.
  • If you want to make custom drinks, get yours.
  • can do cloud connecting.
  • It has custom roaster settings.
  • In-built unique espresso profiles.
  • it possesses auto wake and sleep modes.
  • Can be connected to the TK mobile app.
  • Weight-based brewing.

How Much Does Terra Kaffe TK-02 Cost?

Although the process may vary from the different countries due to shipping fees, Terra Kaffe TK-02 cost about $995 while you can pre-order it before its official release for $250.

Can I Get A Refund of $250 if I Change My Mind?

Well, I don’t know why you will want to change your mind about getting the Terra Kaffe TK-02 but yes! You get a refund if you want to cancel your pre-order. However, you will need to contact @terrakaffe.com with your order details. Just ensure that you didn’t make the payment via ShopPay, because it will be difficult to refund and you may not get a refund.

Does ShopPay Accept Pay on Installments for Terra Kaffe TK-02?

Most definitely, yes! but it is not advised to pay for your Terra Kaffe TK-02throufh ShopPay, this is because the ShopPay policy does not allow a refund on a paid product.

When will I Be Charged the Remaining Balance for my Terra Kaffe TK-02 pre-order?

If you have made a pre-order for Terra Kaffe TK-02 using ShopPay, you will need to complete your payment just when your order is ready to be shipped to your location.

If I order Now, When Will I Receive It?

In as much as you can’t wait to get the machine already, the company is also very ready to ship to you your purchased product. However, the shipping is scheduled to kick off in the early days of 2023.  The beautiful thing about Terra Kaffe is that once you have made your pre-order, you will constantly get updates about when the shipping will commence and when it will get to you. For more information, you can also reach terrakaffe.com.

Does The Paid $250 go Toward my Final Payment?

Going further, to preorder Terra Kaffe TK-02, once you have made the pre-order payment. You will get it excluded when you have been able to pay up the remaining balance. Your money is intact with terra Kaffe.

Is Terra Kaffe TK-02 Available in My Country?

Amazingly! the new Terra Kaffe TK-02 can be shipped to any country, far and wide!