Tesla Autopilot – Overview Of the Tesla Autopilot

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What is Tesla Autopilot or do Tesla electric cars support autopilot? If all these questions are going through you, this article will answer them all. Tesla is a multinational America electric car and clean Energy producing Company. It offers a wide range of products and services such as Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Powerwall, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Energy, Solar Roof, Powerpack, and more in different industries like the automotive industry and battery energy storage industry in the world with exclusive features. Tesla autopilot is not entirely a new feature but it undergoes an upgrading yearly.

Yearly, Tesla upgrades and rebrands its Electric vehicles and SUV with terrific and exclusive features that are unbeatable. Some of the amazing and exclusive features include HEPA filtration, Automatic closing front door, all-new interior styling, multi-device Bluetooth, aerodynamics wheels, and a lot more. Aside from the exclusive and luxurious features, Tesla Electric cars also come with Safety and security features to give riders and users maximum safety one such feature is the Tesla autopilot. Tesla Autopilot is an ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System) features offers that results to level 2 vehicle automation.


This exclusive feature works in different ways and has other features under it like automatic lane changes, traffic-aware cruise, lane centering, self-parking, automatic summoning, and more. It allows your car to accelerate, steer and brake by itself. Autopilot only works as a driver assistance feature that is, it still has to be under a driver’s supervision. Although, it has helped in reducing the risk of accidents caused due to tiredness. Over the years the Tesla Autopilot improved in many ways to give its users maximum safety.

In 2018, they added obstacle-Aware Acceleration, in 2019 Smart summon, while in 2020 Traffic light and Stop Sign Control(BETA) was added. Currently, in 2021, Tesla is updating its Autopark features. The Tesla Autopilot feature is actually of the most amazing features of Tesla SUVs.

Is Tesla Autopilot Save

Reviews have shown that it is a safety feature when drivers use them properly with close supervision. Tesla in a statement said, “Autopilot is safer than human drivers when used properly”. The feature as stated above comes with extra safer features to ensure maximum safety.

How Do I Get the Tesla Autopilot Feature?

The Tesla Autopilot feature is available for Tesla Vehicles but users’ have to pay for a subscription plan for the driver assistance package. The subscription plan is Full Self Driving (FSD) which costs $199 monthly. So users’ can pay for the subscription on the Tesla website.

Note: only users that have the FSD computer hardware 3.0 or higher and enhanced or basic Autopilot configurations are eligible to subscribe to FSD. Users without the aforementioned should buy a hardware upgrade of $1,500 to be eligible for an FSD subscription.