Tesla Model S – How to Order Tesla Model S | Features

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Going out in your private car is very good as it makes your transportation easier. But wouldn’t it be much easier and better when you go out in very good cars? However, introducing to you Tesla Model S a special kind of car that can be used for long drives. Tesla Model S was developed by an American electric vehicle and clean energy company which is based in Palo Alto. Besides, it is not the only model made by Tesla, as there are also several other models Tesla has launched which include; Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. Besides, there are other products they have launched too which include; solar roofs and solar panels.

Tesla Model S is known to be the highest performing sedan that has ever been built. Besides with Tesla Model S, you are sure to get a full self-driving capability as it improves existing functionality which makes your car more able over time. However, when it comes to price Tesla Model S is known to be more expensive than the Model 3 and has very unique features attached to it. One of which is its long-range variant which enables it to travel for about 405 miles when it’s fully charged. Meanwhile, there are so many amazing things you can do in this car. Keep reading to know these things.


Driving or having a ride on Tesla Model S is different from using any other car brand. How? Tesla Model S is unique in its way and has so many attractive features which would be shown to you here in this article. It is designed for efficiency is built with speed and range giving you a very suitable and comfortable ride. Aside from this, here are some other features which the Tesla car offers to you below;

  • Play games from any seat you are in the car with wireless controller.
  • Stay connected with a multi device Bluetooth alongside wireless and USB cable charging for every passenger which fast charges your mobile or desktop device.
  • Get the best audio system with an active noise cancellation regardless of where you are streaming the music from either at home or on the road.
  • Fit your bike in without necessarily taking the wheels off and also your luggage

There are still more things you can do with Tesla Model S. All you just have to do is an order for yours now and get the best ride you can imagine. There are different kinds of Tesla Model S. They include; plaid and Long Range. See specs of each kind below.

Specs of Tesla Model S

Like I said earlier, Tesla Model S is unique in its way. And being compared to so many other cars it’s one of the best. However, just like all other cars have their specifications, Tesla S also has its specifications. They are what makes this particular model very special. There are two different types of Tesla S which include Plaid and Long-range. Here are the specs of both cars below;

Tesla Model S Plaid

  • Range (396 mi (EPA est.))
  • ¼ Mile (9.23@155 mph trap speed)
  • Peak Power (1,020hp)
  • Wheels (19” or 21”)
  • Cargo (28 cu ft)
  • Weight (4,766 ibs)
  • Acceleration (1.99 s 0-60 mph* *with rollout subtracted)
  • Top Speed (200 mph* * when equipped with the right wheels and tires (available fall2021)
  • Drag Coefficient (0.208 Cd)
  • Powertrain (Tri Motor)
  • Supercharging Max (250kW)

Tesla S Long Range

  • Range (405 mi (est.)
  • Peak Power (670hp)
  • Wheels (19” or 21”)
  • Cargo (28 cu ft)
  • Acceleration (3.1 s 0-60 mph)
  • Top Speed (155 mph)
  • Drag Coefficient (0.208 Cd)
  • Weight (4,561 ibs)
  • Powertrain (Dual Motor)
  • Supercharging Max (250 kW)

You can however order the type you feel is okay for you to go out for a ride with. But both specs are very good and fun to ride with. Want to order, see simple steps below on how to order Tesla Model S online.

How to Order

Rather than just admire, you can place your order to have the car in the design of your choice to yourself. One thing about ordering directly from Tesla is that you get to choose the inner and outer color of your car and other design you want to add to it. So, therefore, why don’t you order your own Tesla Model S with these steps below;

  • Visit the Tesla website @ https://www.tesla.com/models
  • Click on the model you want (Model S)
  • On Model S, scroll down to locate the order button
  • On the redirected page, select either plaid or long range
  • Design your car by choosing the type of wheels you want, interior, paint etc.
  • Click on the continue to payment button

Select your mode of payment or if you want to order with a card, you can scroll to click on the order with card button. Then enter the information required of you. After you have done that, you can now place your order. Then wait for it to be successful and get your car within the promised time.