TextNow – Unlimited Free Texting And Calling

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Textnow is a very big service that gives people a chance to call and text without the use of a SIM card. This platform which got started in 2009 as a voice-over-internet protocol app that provides users’ phone numbers that can be used to make calls or text with just the use of the WI-FI connections. Although the services use WI-FI it also has its network provider for very users who uses the app. However, this platform gives free services to people as so to not worry about charges when using the app. The service is available for every user of any age. A lot of people wonder if they can use the service on the website, and the answer is yes. Not only can you use the textnow app it is also available on the web.

This platform gives you enough free service to call friends and family anytime you want with just the use of a phone number which changes every time. Although you can use this platform free, you can also buy plans that are available on textnow to avoid any type of disturbing ads you do not want. A lot of people worry about how they can use the platform; you do not need to do that is because I will enlighten you on what the website is about.

What Network Can I Use on TextNow?

At first, when textnow started as a wireless service provider, it uses the sprint, CMDA network as a network provider. However, since the network has become what a lot of people rely on. Textnow uses WI-FI anytime you want to text or call. This WI-FI centric is what helps the carrier to offer low monthly charges on the plans

Can I Be Tracked on TextNow?

From the reviews from the users when using the textnow number it can’t be tracked. That is because textnow does not upload the details of the person using a particular. So anytime you are using the network, you do not need to worry about being tracked.

Is TextNow Free?

Yes, the service is free. Anytime you download the app, it gives you access to free calls and text with the use of the WI-FI. Just know that anytime you have this app, a new number would be given to you whether you have a SIM card or not.

How Long Does TextNow Number Last?

It is recommended that you can use the textnow number for calls or text for at least every 2 days. However the number won’t expire, it is advisable to change it because every account and area code is different.

What Device Can I Use on TextNow?

With the textnow app, you can use any comfortable device. The app does not require any big or strange device; you can use your Android phone, iPhone, or pc. Download the app today and use it on any of your devices.

Can I Video Chat?

With textnow, you can make a video call with anyone with a mobile phone number. Just because you are using the platform number does not mean you can’t have access to calls. All you just need to do is download the app, register an account, collect your phone number and make videos by following the below procedures.

  • Go to the app
  • Click on the video icon
  • Connect to the network
  • Start video

Even if you do not have the Textnow app, with the help of the platform website you can video chat anyone of your choice without the use of a SIM card.

Can I Only Use the TextNow App?

Like it was stated above, you can also use the service on the website. The process is so straightforward, all you just need to do is follow the below they will be you to locate the textnow web.

  • Visit your browser
  • Search for www.TextNow.com
  • Click on it
  • Click on the account you want to use
  • Enter your details to the blank provided space
  • Click on enter or join

You can now see that the process is so easy. Visit the web today and do not be left out on the free phone calls and text messages spree.

How Can I Download TextNow App?

To enjoy the platform, you need to download the app. Are you worried about how to download the app? You do not need to. That is because I will take you one the process of how to download the app in a very easy and fast way.

  • Go to your Google play store or App store
  • Enter TextNow.
  • Click on download
  • Now install.

After the download process, all you just need to do is enter your details and you can use the service anytime you want. Visit the app store or play store and get the app today to not miss this amazing app.