What do you know about The Facebook and social media marketing? Well, there is a relationship between these two. But do you know what the relationship is? If you do not know of the relationship between these two then you need to follow me on this article. For you to understand this topic better we need to dissect the topic in two and talk about them separately. What I mean is this. We need to talk on facebook and social media separately and later link the two.

What Is Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform. And I bet you already know what a social media platform is. a social media platform is a place where you socialize. Although the facebook social media platform is more than a social media platform. With facebook you can do anything. Facebook can be used as a video streaming platform.

It can also be used as a gaming platform. Do you know that you can shop on the facebook platform? Yes you can. Another thing you can do on facebook is enter your Metal Kards that can increase your visibility in the market on the platform. These are just some of the tools on the facebook platform. It is a platform that is enjoyed and used by all both young and old.

What Is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a form or type of digital marketing. Digital marketing is now the newest form of advertising. And social media marketing is one of the types of this medium of marketing. This is a form of marketing where you use social media platforms like facebook, instagram, WhatsApp and twitter to promote your products and goods.

How to Use Facebook for Marketing

This is an easy one. There are tools and features on the facebook platform that can be used to market and promote your business. We have tools like the facebook pages, facebook groups, and facebook ads platform on facebook to promote your business. You can also market your products and brand on your facebook timeline for your friends to see. All you need to do is to have a facebook account.

This is because without a facebook account you cannot get access to facebook marketing tools. If you have a facebook account, good, but if you don’t you need to create a facebook account now. To create a facebook account, go to www.facebook.com/signup on your device. When you visit this page you will need to complete the whole sign up process. and once your facebook account has been created you can now access the facebook marketing tools.