Tinder is a social-based search mobile app that eases communication between singles in your area and around the world virtually. This app is most commonly used as a dating app all over the world. The number of reports received that users are having issues with their tinder account. The website went down at 12pm on Monday and 67 percent of the problems reported are on the app while 20 percent was on the server connection and 14 percent was about the website itself. However, if in any way you come across the Tinder down issue online or the app is not working then millions of people could be missing out on a potential match.

Furthermore, while many believe that the Tinder app is for casual dating, others think that it supersedes that and have even started long-lasting relationships using this particular app. At the moment no problem has been detected on it at all. This is not the first time it will be experiencing this which results in the user’s account being deleted as a result of the problem. The effect of the accounts deleted was not permanent because the accounts were restored. It is no surprise that Tinder is among the most popular dating apps in existence. Also, it could be part of the reason it may sometimes not work the way it should.

Is Your Tinder Down?

However, is tinder down for you right now? Submit your comments about the tinder service status. Or make a report on the issue to let them know you are having issues with your tinder account. Also, note your country, service provider and browser information should be displayed. But this will be when you comment about issues with your tinder account for a better and possible solution to help you fix it.

How To Fix Your Account Problem

Meanwhile, some problem people experience with their tinder down app is the inability to receive or send messages. Trouble logging in and out of the account, showing an error about the app, loading issues that cause the app to crash. The following are ways you can fix your tinder account problem.

  • Restart your Smartphone
  • Update the app
  • Close the app
  • Check your internet connection
  • Switch to your mobile data instead of wifi
  • Delete the app and install again

If any of these solutions resolved any of the problems you have, it should be back up and running. Many people who have tried the solutions in this article were able to get the app working again successfully with little incident.