Top Facebook Stores – Facebook Shop

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Are you looking forward to shopping on Facebook and you are therefore in search of the top Facebook stores? If that’s what you want then you need to follow me on this article till the very end. Facebook always keep surprising its users with cool and interesting features all the time. What started out as a communication site for Harvard students has now turned out to be one of the most important tools of the internet? With Facebook, anything you are thinking off can come to life literally. Who knows facebook might even start cloning organisms one day, just kidding though.

Top Facebook Stores - Facebook Shop

But on a more serious note facebook has continued to wow us every time. Personally I don’t think there is a better platform out there. Or there is any platform that will be able to rival the platform. The platform is way beyond its competitors. Everyone is making use of facebook today. And the ones who haven’t made use of facebook are thinking about it. One of the interesting features of the Facebook platform is the facebook tore feature. With this feature facebook users can easily shop on the platform. You can easily buy goods from the best brands out there

How to Access Facebook Stores

This is not the first time facebook is having this type of feature. In fact there are three similar features like this on the facebook platform. They are the facebook marketplace, the facebook buy and sell groups and lastly the facebook store. It is one of the newest and most recent but it is also one of the most effective. All of these features on facebook are effective though.

For you to access facebook stores you need to be an active user on the facebook platform. This feature is only available and accessible to facebook users. So therefore for you to be able to access facebook stores you need to have a facebook account. To create a facebook account, on your device go to up. On the official facebook sign up page follow the on screen instructions to successfully create your facebook account.

Now to access the facebook stores you need to be a fan of a facebook page with the facebook store section. The facebook store is integrated with the facebook page feature. On the facebook page you will have to click on the store section. On the store page you will therefore have access to items on the platform and you can now start shopping.

The Top 10 Stores on the Facebook Platform

Below is a list of the top ten stores on the facebook platform. There are other great stores on the platform but this ten I am about to give to you tops the feature. Below is the list;

  1. Amazon.
  2. Avon.
  3. lazada.
  4. rosegal.
  5. eBay.
  6. dafiti.
  7. dresslily.
  8. rakuten.
  9. flipkart.
  10. justfab.

Like I said, there are other stores on Facebook, but these are the top ten.