Top Low Tuition Universities In Canada 2022

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Looking for an affordable university in Canada? Look no further because in this guide I will tell you all about the universities with the lowest tuition. International students chose to study in Canada because of the low tuition fee, comfort of living, and ease. However, colleges in Canada offer low tuition fees for international and Canadian students. Nevertheless, low tuition is not the only reason why students from foreign countries study in Canada, they also get the opportunity to study in great universities.

Furthermore, international students can enroll in universities of their choice in Canada without spending too much money. Also, you can enroll in one of the affordable universities I have listed in this article.

Cheap Universities In Canada

  1. University of Alberta: However, this university is very prominent in Canada. And it is known for being highly research-intensive in the world. The university grants its students with the best educational facilities and career opportunities in Canada. Nonetheless, students of the University of Alberta enjoy free transport from school for 8 months.
  2. Undergraduate tuition fees: 30,000 CAD per year
  3. Graduate tuition fees: 9,000 CAD per year
  4. Location: Alberta
  5. University of Northern British Columbia: Amazingly, this university is one of the cheapest in Canada. Meanwhile, the university offers different study levels across various faculties. Also, it offers postgraduate and doctorate.
  6. Undergraduate tuition fees: 5,700 CAD per year
  7. Graduate tuition fees: 45,000 CAD per year
  8. Location: Prince George, British Columbia
  9. University of Saskatchewan: this university is among the top universities in Canada. It offers master’s degrees and over 80 master’s and doctorate programs. The university grant scholarship to international students. You can check the official website to find out more about the university.
  10. Masters tuition fees: 6,543 CAD – 18,100 CAD
  11. Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  12. University of Toronto: this university is the oldest in Ontario. It is also the highest-ranked university in Canada and the world. The university offers different faculty which include Arts & Science, Pharmacy, Law, management, public policy, social work, public health, medicine, education, theology, and forestry.
  13. Undergraduate Tuition fees: 60, 000 CAD per year
  14. Graduate tuition fees: 30,000 CAD per year
  15. Location: Ontario, Canada
  16. University of Ottawa: Nevertheless, the university is famous for being among the top-tier universities in Canada and home to over 40,000 students coming from different countries around the world. Meanwhile, the University of Ottawa offers many study programs in French and English language. Lastly, the university is one of the cheapest universities in Canada and it is located in Ontario.
  17. Undergraduate tuition fees: 40,000 CAD per year
  18. Graduate tuition fees: 19,000 CAD per year
  19. Location: Ontario
  20. University of New Brunswick: Nonetheless, this university is very affordable and has s campuses in St John and Fredericton. The university was founded in 1785. It offers 75 bachelor’s degrees and posts graduates programs across 30 fields. Therefore, it also includes, computer science, arts, engineering, forestry, law, leadership studies, science, and nursing.
  21. Undergraduate tuition fees: 10,000 CAD each year
  22. Graduate tuition fees: 10,000 CAD per year
  23. Location: Canada
  24. Ryerson University: However, this university is located in Toronto and it is among the cheapest universities in Canada. Meanwhile, it was established in 1948. Interestingly, it offers many courses across different fields for the students.
  25. Undergraduate tuition fees: 30,000 CAD per year
  26. Graduate tuition fees: 27,000 CAD per year
  27. Location: Toronto, Canada

How To Apply for Low tuition Canadian Universities

  • Provide a letter of recommendation
  • Proof of finance
  • Provide a letter of recommendation
  • Provide your essay
  • You need to provide proof of exceptional academic performance 
  • A valid passport or national ID document
  • You must provide a recent photo of yourself
  • National exam score
  • Proof of temporary certificate of graduation
  • Provide an academic transcript
  • International exam score 
  • Provide a research proposal (for students applying for Ph.D.)

Lastly, once you have all these documents in place you can go ahead with the application process. Meanwhile, you need to provide your student visa to study for more than 6 months in Canada. You can apply online to the Canadian university of your choice. Nevertheless, the government of Canada asks all applicants to provide proof of funds, proof of health, a university acceptance letter, and proof of no criminal record. Notably, it is advisable to start your application process early to increase your chance of getting accepted into the Canadian university of your choice.