True Detective – Where to Watch True Detective

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As a Tv series lover, you must have come across so many Tv series which you have streamed and loved. But have you heard of this amazing Tv series known as True Detective? If no? Then now is your chance to know what it’s all about. True Detective is an American anthology crime drama Tv series that was created and written by Nic Pizzolatto. The movie is based on a real-life child sex abuse scandal in a church known as Hosana Church Louisiana. Amazingly, the movie is available for you to stream on any platform of your choice.

Although True Detective is an old movie released in the year 2014, it’s still a very great movie to watch as the fun in it never gets old. The Tv series is a seasonal anthology series in which police investigations unearth the personal and professional secrets of people involved both inside and outside the law. The movie however has 3 interesting seasons which is making its fans request for a season 4. But the Goodnews has been shared that there would be a season 4 coming soon.

More About True Detective

According to reports, season one of True Detective is said to have ultimately won five Emmy awards which include Outstanding directing, casting, Main title design, makeup, and cinematography. If just season 1 won these awards, so what’s stopping you from watching this Tv series to witness all these yourself?

What Genre Is True Detective?

The Tv series combines 9 different Genres in total. These genres include; Mystery, Thriller, Crime film, Anthology Series, Southern Gothic, Drama, Detective Novel, Crime Tv genre, and Neo-noir. These combinations, well put in place in this movie. The movie has become one of the best with its season 1 having 2.33 million, season 2 2.61 million, and season 3, 1.25 million average viewers.

Is It Worth Watching?

In my own opinion, I would say yes True Detective is worth watching. The reason is the show ranks with the best series that I’ve ever watched in the few years of me watching Tv series. The movie however makes real detective. Besides, it is even the most moving movie of any true crime documentary shows in history.

Is It Based On a True Story?

Yes, the Tv series Season 1 “Tuttle Cult” was based on a real-life story of a child sex abuse scandal in Hosanna church Louisiana. The Season 1 show was inspired by the horrific real-life child abuse scandal in Ponchatoula Louisiana. But season 2 and 3 of True detective is not based on any real case.

The Plot of True Detective

The movie is about State Homicide detective Martin and Rustin investigating the murder of a 28-year-old Dora Lange. She is a prostitute while they turn to a five-year-old missing person case of a child known as Marie Fontenot. However, aside from this, you should discover what more this movie has to offer by streaming from any movie platform of your choice.

Where And How to Watch True Detective?

Once you have an account with any of these streaming platforms which include Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, and others except Netflix. Where to stream True Detective is not a problem. But if you do not have an account with any of them, you can either sign up for an account and subscribe or stream on illegal platforms.

But keep in mind that streaming on illegal movies site isn’t safe. It can get you to face criminal charges against piracy. Therefore, for safety, you should sign up for an account on HBO, Hulu, Amazon prime, Showmax, and other legal streaming platforms. This will help you watch complete seasons of True Detective online in your comfort zone.

Then to watch, you can now open your account with any of the legal platforms. Then locate the movie via the search engine and click on play to watch alone or with family and friends online.