Tubidy – Stream And Download Music Unlimitedly for Free

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How much do you love music? if you love music then the question you should as is “Where can I get the best of them?” It is no doubt that there are so many musics streaming and downloading websites available on the internet today. But one of the best of them would be made known to you today. Tubidy is an online music streaming platform that enables you to download and stream songs not just in Mp3 alone but also in Mp4 videos and audios. This Tubidy Mp4 feature is very rare among other music streaming websites on the internet which states the fact the Tubidy is outstanding in music streaming and downloading.

Tubidy indexes videos from the internet and transfer them into Mp3 and Mp4 to be played on either your mobile or desktop device. You can process any music download online using Tubidy. And also find any song you want easily online using the Tubidy search engine. No need to worry about Payments as Tubidy is free for you to visit to download as much music audio and videos as you want. Tubidy aside from downloading and streaming songs also enables you to create your playlists, upload and check your stats. But those can only be accessed when you must have already created an account on Tubidy.

Is Tubidy Safe For Music Download?

As you know, not only can you stream music on Tubidy, it also enables you to process music to download and with 100% certainty, Tubidy is safe for you to stream and download as many songs as you want in Mp3, Mp4 audio, and Video in good quality. But for the reason that the site is an illegal one, it might not be safe for you to use. How is it illegal? According to reports, the site is said to convert YouTube and other sources in real-time which somehow violates the copyrights of the real owners of the content.

How To Stream Music

To stream music on Tubidy depends on the type of music you want to stream. If you want to stream it in audio, Mp3 audio and Mp4 audio is available for you. But if you want to stream the music videos, they are also available for you. To stream Tubidy music video, you can first start by clicking on the link of the Top video after visiting the website to see what music video is trending all over. However, if your choice of song isn’t under that category, you can now make use of the search engine to locate a song and stream the songs with these steps below;

  • Visit the Tubidy official website
  • Locate a song using the search engine
  • Click on the song of your choice
  • Select either Mp3 audio, Mp4 audio or video
  • Click on the play button
  • On the redirected page, click on the play button again to begin streaming.

While streaming, if you want to have the song on your device to listen to it anytime you want or so as for you to be able to share with third parties, you can process the music download. If finding it difficult to process the music download, see below steps on how to go about it.

Tubidy Music Download

As mentioned earlier, songs are available both in Mp3 and Mp4. The Mp4 consists of both videos and audio so therefore, you can choose which you like to have on your device to process its download. One of the benefits of downloading content or most especially Tubidy music is the fact that you would still find that content very much accessible even when you are offline. Therefore, if you want to download songs on the site and you are not getting them, this article is here to help. Note that, streaming on Tubidy is also the same as downloading. But the click buttons are different. Here are steps below on how to download music;

  • Visit Tubidy official website
  • Locate any song of your choice
  • Click on it
  • Select either Mp3 audio, or M4 audio/video
  • Click on the download button
  • Download would begin automatically.

After the download is complete, you can now stream the songs you have processed its download offline. Not only that as Tubidy is not just about downloading and streaming songs. There are still other unique features to enjoy, all you just have to do is click on My account and get yourself an account on the website. Then enjoy all privileged other non Tubidy account owners do not have access to.