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Twitter Sign Up – How to Sign Up for a Twitter Account | Twitter New Account

Twitter Sign Up –  Setup a Twitter new Account? Twitter, is a social media platform where users can tweet, like or comment on a users tweet. It is one of the fast-growing social network for everybody. As with every media site, you have to subscribe, register, create an account, or sign up to become a member and enjoy the benefits therein. Without this, one might just be hearing tales of fun, and information exchange going on in it.

Twitter Sign Up - How to Sign Up for a Twitter Account | Twitter New Account

For a fact, it is better to experience it than to be told. No one has ever regretted completing Twitter sign up process. Here, we will go through a breakdown of how the Twitter sign up process works. This is to ease the process for intending users who haven’t create an account which is known as twitter sign up. You can follow the below steps.

How Users on Twitter Create Account

Before proceeding to Twitter sign up process there are very important details to consider on how users on Twitter create account on the platform. One must have the following before one can sign up. These are the basic requirements for new users to be able to set up an account which is also known as Twitter Sign Up. They are:

  • Email address.
  • Phone number.
  • Username.
  • Password.

These are the basic requirements for a new user who want to a twitter new account for the first time. Your email address is required in other to always contact you if need be. Most user are still finding it so difficult to add their mobile contact to their account as its also a menace of verification. Username stands for the users identity just as password is for security.

Twitter New Account Setup – Twitter Sign Up Process

In other to join twitter social web platform users have to visit http://www.twitter.com and locate the Twitter sign up box. Searching for the sign up box might be stress to some of us. To that effect, visit https://twitter.com/signup for a direct access to Twitter account sign up section. When the page opens, there are sections that need to be filled.

The boxes where you have to enter your information are located right on twitter sign up page. Foremost, the intending user fills out his full name. This is followed by a valid email address or phone number. The user’s date of birth is needed as well as a strong password.

After filling out the necessary details, click on Twitter sign up icon box. After this, a verification code will be sent via the registered phone number. The verification code enables you to complete the Twitter sign up process. Be sure all information is entered correctly before clicking on the Twitter sign up icon.

Twitter Sign Up Account Completion

A new page comes up asking to fill in a username. In a bid to make things easier, Twitter in its effectiveness suggests usernames for its intending users. These suggested usernames are called from the name provided during the Twitter sign up process. The username to be used must be unique in its own way and must have never been used by any existing users.

If a used username is put up, the system disallows it and requests for another. This cycle is repeated till the user enter a unique username. Username is also suggested and allowed by Twitter to make it more easy for the user. It is important to note that even after the Twitter sign up process, the username can still be changed.

This means that, after using Twitter for some time, one can choose to change the username. This is allowed by twitter because twitter understands that human are subject to change in a changing world. The only constant thing is change.

After filling out Twitter username which must have been allowed by Twitter, all that is needed is to crosscheck the submitted details. They include the name, verified phone number, password and username. If one is satisfied with the proposed details, the next activity is to click on the “create my account” box, and boom, you are in already.


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