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Unblock facebook Feature? Trust me this sounds absurd. Why unblock facebook. But come to think of it, before you can unblock Facebook you first need to block it, right? Why would someone want to block facebook in the first place? Facebook is a platform that everybody loves. This is a platform where just anything can be done. From socializing to business. Just about anything you can think of can be done and achieved in the Facebook platform. you can chat with friends and family from both far and near with facebook, so the question why block facebook? I never thought of any reason as to why a person would block facebook, believe me.

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There have been countless testimonies from users as to how facebook transformed their businesses and so on. You can even make friends throughout the globe without having to travel. You cannot just make friends. You can also communicate with them. Yes facebook can make that happen. That can be possible through video or voice calls. You can also chat with this platform.

Still, why block facebook? There are times when facebook can be time consuming trust me. As a student you might be spending too much time on the facebook platform. Or as a business personnel facebook might be taking precious working time unknowingly to you. There are some parents who even neglect the home because of facebook. They shouldn’t be blamed for this entirely though. The facebook platform can be so interesting at times if not all the times.

How to Unblock Facebook – Why Unblock Facebook – Unblock Facebook Feature

With the reasons above you might want to restrict or block facebook on your device so as to reduce wasted time. But with time if you think you have put the whole facebook thing in check you might want to unblock facebook so as to keep in touch with friends and family. But this time with constraints.

How to Unblock Facebook – Unblock Facebook Feature

To unblock facebook is pretty basic. You can do this with a VPN or you can simply do this by blocking the facebook ip address on your device with which you are accessing facebook with. But before you can do this you need to own a facebook account.