Unskilled Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

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Unskilled Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Do you know that even as an unskilled worker, you can get jobs in USA? Are you surprised by that? Well, there are different unskilled jobs you can apply for in USA. Besides, so many companies in USA offer these jobs alongside visa sponsorship to give foreigners a better chance to migrate to USA. Irrespective of what country you are from, outside USA, you have a chance of applying for this job and getting approved to migrate to USA to live and work there legally.

Finding an unskilled job to apply for can be a little bit tasky. But we are here to help by providing you with some of the best Unskilled Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship that you can apply for. However, keep in mind that not all Unskilled jobs in USA are being given with visa sponsorship. Because of this, you should read through to discover the best and the highest paying Unskilled Job you can apply for that comes with visa sponsorship.

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What are Unskilled Jobs?

Unskilled jobs are jobs that require little or no experience. Also, it is a kind of job that does not require special talent or skill. It is not necessary for you to be knowledgeable about the job because they are quite simple jobs.

Unskilled Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

There are lots of jobs you can do as an unskilled worker that pay quite an attractive salary. So, are you clueless about which job to apply for as an Unskilled worker? Here are some jobs you can consider applying for below;


The job of a server is one unskilled job that pays well. Working as a server in USA with visa sponsorship could earn you about $12.01 per hour and even more depending on your duties and your employer. However, the job of a server is to provide an excellent dining service to customers in a restaurant.

They also take the orders of clients and offer suggestions to them according to what they have and what the clients prefer. A server also must communicate orders to people working in the kitchen and the bartenders to be able to deliver the food and drinks to the customers. Sometimes, Servers may assist with food preparation, seating customers, and also receiving payments. So, if you are good at this, you can apply for the job online and get to work in USA.

Unskilled Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship


Another unskilled job you can apply for is the job of a janitor. As a janitor in USA, you could earn about $12.09 per hour for an average salary and even more. The job of a janitor involves cleaning buildings, like schools, offices, libraries, hospitals, and several other commercial buildings.

While cleaning, some of their jobs include; dusting the windows, emptying trash cans, sweeping and mopping the floors, and cleaning bathrooms. Their general duty is to ensure a very clean area. Especially the areas assigned under them. They work most times after operating hours which makes them responsible for securing and locking premises after their work is done.

Stocking Associate

Can you do the job of a stocking associate? If yes, then it is another unskilled job you can send your application for. Besides, the job could earn you an average salary of about $12.60 an hour. Do you want to apply for the job? Then you might want to know what the job entails. The job of a stocking associate involves you working in a warehouse or a retail location.

As a stocking associate, you could work with inventory maintenance software often to manage stocks, order supplies, and also perform inventory checks. Also, sometimes, you might be required to make use of forklifts to move and organize heavy and bulky shipments. Aside from that, if you work in a retail location, you might be responsible for answering customers, filling stocks, and also arranging displays. So are you good at all these, you can proceed to apply for the job and then migrate to work in USA after your approval.

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Food Production Worker

Are you good at making food and different dishes? Then you can work as a food production worker. Besides, the job could earn you an average salary of about $13.13 per hour. The job of a food production worker involves making sure that foods are properly stored and kept in a good shape.

They are expected to prepare, mix and also plate meals according to the kitchen standards. They are also responsible for ingredients are adequately prepared and the kitchen surfaces are well sanitized and clean. A food production worker could work in a school, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, hospital, and also assisted living facility.

Security Guard

Security Guard Jobs is another good unskilled job you can apply for that could earn you an average salary of about $13.25 an hour and even more. The job of a security guard is to protect and maintain the safety of an organization’s personnel alongside their properties. Security guards often patrol buildings and premises depending on their tasks. While performing their duties, they use surveillance tools to monitor buildings, grant entry to visitors and staff of an organization, and also receive delivered goods and items.

Another responsibility security guards are given is to ensure that all equipment on a property is working correctly. And also maintaining logs and reports to show who visited the property.

Aside from the above explained Unskilled Jobs in USA with visa sponsorship, there are several others you can proceed to apply for and some of them include; Transport drivers, care associates, farm workers, receptionists, ground maintenance workers, veterinary assistants, sanitation workers, and a lot more. So, you can locate any of these jobs and apply for them online. Don’t know where to find these jobs? Read below to discover it.

Where to Find an Unskilled Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Finding an Unskilled Job in USA with visa sponsorship is now very easy to do. Especially now with the availability of online job posting sites. So, if you are looking for an Unskilled Job in USA to apply for, you can visit any of these job posting websites below;

With these sites, you cannot just find one unskilled job but as many unskilled jobs as possible. Amazingly, these sites are free to visit, access, and also apply for the job of your choice. Have you chosen your preferred job website? Do you want to apply for the job? See simple steps on how to apply for the job below.

How to Apply for Unskilled Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Applying for an Unskilled job in USA with Visa Sponsorship is very easy to do. Besides, there are job posting sites where job seekers can easily locate the job and get a direct link to the employer’s site. But for a better understanding of how to apply for this job, here are simple guidelines you can follow below;

  • Visit any job posting site of your choice.
  • Locate the job you want to apply for using the job website search engine.
  • Click on your preferred job for application.
  • Tap on the “apply now” or “apply on company’s site” button.
  • On the redirected page, provide your required details for the application.

Once your application is complete, you should wait for approval before proceeding to apply for the visa and migrate to work in USA.

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