Viber App – Download & install Free Viber Apk for Android, Web, iOS Online

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What is the Viber App used for or how do I download the Viber App? It is no doubt that there are now several Messaging and videos messaging Apps on the internet, that enables netizen connect with their friends, love ones and family. Examples of such Apps are WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Viber and much more. But in this article, we will be discussing on the Viber messenger App. It is a freeware cross platform messaging App that enables you send instant free and secure messages. This App makes communication with others easier and faster.

Furthermore, With Viber App, you will get connected to thousands of people across the world. You also get to make free calls, send messages, pictures and video messages to your friends and family anytime and anywhere. Also, it will interest you to know that Personal chats, calls and all group chats on the platform are highly secured with its built-in end to end encryption. Another cool thing is that the Viber App can be downloaded on your Mobile and Desktops devices. Indeed,it is one of the best messaging which you can use to express your self endlessly.

Features of Viber App

There are several amazing features you get to enjoy when you download the App. Viber provides you many exclusive features, which you can hardly find in other messaging App. Below are some of the Features of viber messenger App:

  • It enables you instant videos and text messages
  • The app allows you communicate genuinely with its stickers and GIFS
  • You can start group chat and calls
  • With Viber App you can delete and edit seen messages
  • You can also, add a self-destruct timer to your messages for extra privacy
  • It enables you access your account on multiple platform
  • With the Viber out feature you can make cheap international calls worldwide 

Also, Viber App helps to promote and create awareness for your business and brands. with the Viber Business, you can reach more audience and drive more traffic to your website. The platform also provides your business with all the necessary marketing tools to reach all your potential customers.

Viber App Download

Viber has over a million of users this is because the Platform is available across different devices and application. Rakuten Viber which is also known as Viber Can be downloaded on your android and iOS devices. Also, you can download it on your Mac, Window pc, Linux desktops

Viber Download for Android Users

  • Go to your Play store
  • Search for the Viber App
  • Click on the Install icon when found
  • Launch and open the App

Download Viber for iPhone

  • Visit your Apple store
  • Using the Search Engine, Search for Viber Apk
  • Then, launch and open the App on your device
  • When found Hit on the GET icon

Download Viber for Mac

  • Visit the official website
  • Navigate through the homepage and click on Download Viber
  • Click on download for Mac
  • Launch and install the App on your Mac

Download Viber for Windows

  • Visit Viber officially website
  • Locate the Download Viber
  • Click on the Download for Windows
  • Then, Launch and open the App on your window pc

Viber App Download for Linux

  • Open your device web browser
  • Go to the official website of Viber
  • Scroll down the Homepage and click on the Download Viber
  • Then, Click your preferred Linux download version
  • Launch and install the App on your Linux

There you have it. Those are the Simple and easy steps to download the viber Apk on your Mobile and desktops device. However, it is worthy to note that viber for Desktop has been synced to your mobile account. And so, to activate viber on any of your desktop application you will need an active viber account on your mobile device.