Viddly – Free YouTube Downloader & Converter For PC

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Have you come across a YouTube video you would love to use on your device? Have you been searching for a way to download that video? If yes, then I have a suggestion for you. Viddly is a platform that allows its users to download YouTube Videos in Mp4 and Mp3 formats.

Viddly - Free YouTube Downloader & Converter For PC

Viddly is one of the best downloaders anyone can use to get videos from YouTube to their various devices. If you use YouTube occasionally on your pc, you would realize that videos can’t be downloaded to watch later.  But that story is now different as with Viddly you can save all videos on YouTube. Not just to the YouTube platform but directly to your desktop device.

On the contrary, this YouTube video downloader is not free to use. Instead, it requires some things which will be highlighted in this write-up. Want to know them? Then you should read through this article.

What is Viddly?

Viddly is a YouTube video downloader that allows YouTube users to download their favorite videos. It is also a converter platform that converts videos on YouTube to mp3 or mp4. Viddly comes with so many features and different sections. This means that you can make use of the free section and upgrade to the plus yearly section and also the plus lifetime section. All these sections offer the same thing but different features and outcomes.

How Viddly Works?

Viddly works in different ways. And there are different ways you can get a YouTube Video on the platform. You can search for the YouTube video you want to download on Viddly.  Also, by copying and pasting the URL or link of the video you want, you can download them through this platform. Without the URL, you can also still convert or download.

On the Viddly App, you can make use of the downloader to do what you want. However, depending on what feature or section you make use of, the quality of whatever you want will be the best.

How to Download on Viddly

To download on Viddly is very easy. But to download, there are certain steps you should follow. These steps are very easy to understand and carry out. And if you are familiar with these steps downloading a video or movie from Viddly wouldn’t be difficult for you. Here are the simple download steps below;

  • Download Viddly app on your desktop device.
  • Using the search, locate the video you want to download or copy and paste the URL or Link of the video you wish to download.
  • On the new page, locate the download button.
  • Click on it.

After doing that, you can now stream the video directly from your device without visiting YouTube.

How to Convert on Viddly

Converting Videos on Viddly is no different from downloading a video on the platform. But here are steps you can follow to convert YouTube Videos to Mp3 or Mp4;

  • Visit the Viddly app on your device if you have already downloaded it.
  • Enter the URL of the song or video in the search or locate the song you want to download using the search.
  • When you find it, click on download MP3 under the song.
  • Find the download button.
  • Click on it.
  • Wait for the download to be completed.

Now you have officially learned how to convert YouTube videos on Viddly. By following these steps, you can convert whatever you want easily.

Is it Free?

Viddly has a free feature. But what you get to enjoy with the freemium plan is limited. And you might not get the quality you desire from the converted or downloaded video. So, to avoid this, you can subscribe to Viddly’s affordable premium plan.

Viddly Plus Yearly

Viddly Plus Yearly is Viddly’s premium plan that you can subscribe for. If you make the payment for this feature, for a year, you get to enjoy the best features the Youtube video downloader platform has to offer. However, the cost for plus yearly is $17.99 per year and at the end of the year. And till the year ends, you get to enjoy these below features when you subscribe for it;

  • It has a Full HD view which includes 4K and 8k videos at 60 fps.
  • Also, it can download MP3 at 320 Kbps.
  • This plus yearly can download videos when copying URLs automatically.
  • It comes with a built-in search for YouTube videos.
  • Plus yearly can be used by two different people.
  • Free from ads.

These are some of the features you would enjoy when you subscribe to Viddly Plus Yearly. Subscribe to enjoy all of these free of charge.

Viddly Plus Lifetime

Viddly plus lifetime is yet another feature of this downloader. It gives a better means for people to enjoy making use of Viddly without bothering about the price or disconnection. This means that this feature on Viddly requires users to make a certain payment to make use of the platform for as long as they want. The price for this plan is about $59.00 and once made, it covers you for your lifetime. Subscribing to this plan entitles you to a lot of unique features. And some of these features include;

  • It is made with a built-in YouTube video search.
  • You can share it between two devices and more at the same time.
  • It is yours permanently.
  • YouTube live stream recording download is allowed.
  • The download of MP3 in 320 Kbps is allowed.

All these features would be accessed when you subscribe to this plan. And when you subscribe once, you do not have to make payments to use the platform again.

Viddly Website

The Viddly website is used for downloading the app on your device. But it does not have a website that you can use to download the YouTube videos you would love to save on your desktop device. Instead, you only use the app. So to access the platform, you have to download the app. See steps on how to below.

Viddly App Download

Since it doesn’t have a website you can use to download YouTube videos, you can make use of the app. But before using the app, it is important you download it. Here are steps on how to download the app below;

  • Visit the official Viddly website
  • Click on the download for free button
  • Your app would install
  • Then set the app up on your device and agree to the app’s terms of use
  • Follow other onscreen steps to complete your setup

Once you have downloaded the app, you can now use it to get all the YouTube videos of your choice on your device to stream later.

Is Viddly Safe?

Yes, Viddly is safe to use. You are not doing anything wrong by making use of this downloader. The producers of Viddly have assured its users that making use of it is very safe and there will be no encounter with issues.


There are so many alternatives to Viddly. In a case whereby you are not satisfied with this downloader, you can make use of other alternatives. These alternatives come with similar features to the Viddly downloader. And also, they have the same purpose but to identify them, you need to check online. Below, some of the alternatives to Viddly are:

  • ManyCam.
  • Wideo.
  • Reflector.
  • Handbrake.
  • Compressor.
  • Yepic studio.
  • FRAPS.
  • VideoLan.

Now that you know these few, you can now make use of any of them for your YouTube video download.