Join the best online community of story telling that gives you the opportunity to write and upload stories written by you. Users can upload written content such as stories, poems, articles and Feb fiction when they login to their account using the wattpad login steps. Wattpad connects a global community of millions of readers and writers through the power of story. Wattpad is a website and app for writers to publish new user-generated stories. It aims to create social communities around stories for both amateur and professional

Wattpad Login - How to Login My Wattpad Account |

Once you have successfully completed the wattpad login process you can start posting stories and other writing content. Logging in to your account is quite easy but first, if this is your first time of visiting the wattpad platform you need to create an account in other to have the wattpad login credentials. In other to get started in need to setup an account in other to obtain your login information. A user is expected to sign up for an account on web platform. Signing up for an account has always been easy. If you are new to this web platform you can read more on how to create an account below.

How to Create A Wattpad Account

Creating an account has always been easy. This can be done via mobile devices or pc using a web browser or the mobile app. If you don’t have an account yet let’s get started with wattpad sign up process.

  1. Launch your web browser or the mobile app on your device.
  2. If you are using a web browser enter the URL on the URL bar on your browser as which is the web portal.
  3. If you have launched the app or you have entered the URL correctly. click on wattpad sign up icon just at the top right section.
  4. Enter your preferred username, email address, and password.
  5. Click on the start reading icon just below the password feed to get started.
  6. Select your gender, date of birth, and click on continue icon.
  7. Select which of the stories that look interesting to you and click on get started.

Wattpad has automatically sent you an email to verify your account. Login to your email account and click on the confirmation link that was sent to you. By click on the link, you have successfully activated your account now you can now have full access to wattpad login at any time.

Wattpad Login

If you have completed the wattpad sign up process above you don’t need to repeat this process again. Signing up for an account is only done once but if you have already signed up for an account. You can always make use of the login steps to access your account.

Note that user has to enter his or her wattpad username and password in the appropriate login section. A user who has the app already installed on their device can also make use of the app login steps i we be talking on below. But let’s take a look at the general wattpad login steps using a web browser.

How To Login Wattpad Account

  1. Launch your web browser and enter in the URL section.
  2. Click on login at the top right section or below the start reading icon.
  3. Enter your email or username, and password in the appropriate login section.
  4. Click on the login icon to complete the login process.

If you have entered the correct information in the wattpad login feed you we be able to access your account. Otherwise check to see if you have entered the correct information in the login in section. You can also login to your wattpad account with Facebook or Google account.

Wattpad Login on Mobile App

Over time statistics has shown that users that make use of this platform ae mobile phone users. In other to access your account via mobile platform you need to download the wattpad mobile app. The app is available on Google play, App Store, and other mobile stores for free.

  1. Launch the mobile and enter your username or email in the login section.
  2. Enter your password in the password section just below where you entered your username.
  3. Click on the login icon to login to your account.

Mobile app login gives you access to all areas on the web platform. Users can easily carry his or her wattpad account everywhere on his or her mobile device.

Reset Your Wattpad Login Password

This platform had made it possible that users can always reset their login password when they forget what the password is. If you don’t know how to use the password reset to recover your password below is the password rest steps.

Visit the officail web platform using your web browser just as if you want to login to your account. Click on the login icon and click on forgot password icon just be the password feed at the right section. Enter your email you use when creating the account. You we be sent a rest link to reset your password on your email. Login to your email and click on the link.