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Are you looking for an online community where you can tell your story Wattpad is the right choice for you. Wattpad is an online community for storytelling this is an open platform where users can post written works. These are written works like stories, articles, poems, and fab fiction.

Wattpad - Read and Write on Wattpad | www.wattpad.com

One thing i like about this platform is that posting of stores can be done either via the web platform which is www.wattpad.com or via their mobile app which is available on all mobile store. This story community gives the opportunity to comment and like other users story or even join a group.

Statistics have shown that most of the user on wattpad.com portal is from the United States of America. Users also visit this platform from other countries such as United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Jamaica, and lots more.

Wattpad Brief History

This platform was established in 2006 by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen. Wattpad is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. In early 2007 over 17000 ebooks were added to this platform from project Gutenberg making these books available for mobile user.

As said by Wikipedia Wattpad has received a total of almost $70M in terms of funding from investors. In 2012 it was said that a total of $17.3M was raised from a venture fund led by Khosla venture. There was also an announcement in April 2014 for a total of $46M in series C funding led by OMERS venture.

Wattpad has made it possible that most vote stories are shown on “What’s Hot List”. Writers of most of the most voted stories are teenagers. There is also a featured story list section where users can promote content that’s been reviewed and approved by staff and the content editorial review board.

www.wattpad.com – Official web Platform

Most users have been finding it so difficult to access this platform. If you have entered the right url in the address bar section the portal is going load up. The official url to this web platform is www.wattpad.com make sure you enter it correctly.

If you are visiting this platform for the very first time there are no many requirements. All that is required from you is that whatever you are into you can put it into writing and share on Wattpad community. There are lots of stories you need and it has been made easy to read on this platform.

You can make use of your mobile phone to read stories. One good thing about reading stories on this platform is that it doesn’t matter whether you are online or office. A user can read stories seamlessly without worrying about downloading of any PDFs files.

Be Part Of The Experience

Get your articles view by thousands of readers and see how readers and other viewers reacted to your content. There is an inline commenting section that allows users to share thoughts and communicate with the story while reading. On wattpad.com what so ever the story is there is a reader already waiting for you so get started.

In other to get started or make full use of this platform user needs to setup an account. This is in order to get a Wattpad login information so as to be able to login wattpad at any time read our sign up tutor to setup your account.

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