There are always new updates on mobile apps every year as it depends on what the update is all about. WhatsApp 2018 is the last version of the app which is available for free download to all users. Some user may have their app on auto update. If you are part such then you are running on WhatsApp 2018 version. If you are currently using the app for a long time you must have noticed that WhatsApp latest version is been updated right on your device automatically.

WhatsApp 2018 - Download WhatsApp 2018 New Version

There is a lot of changes that is been put up on WhatsApp 2018 version. These are an awesome feature that gives a user a better experience on the platform. Just like on the previous WhatsApp version user can now hide a particular contact from viewing your story. This is one thing every user who wants privacy will definitely want to make use of. WhatsApp 2018 has an awesome feature that you won’t want to miss out from. Download WhatsApp 2018 or Update the current version to WhatsApp 2018 and enjoy lots of new features and flexible.

OverView of WhatsApp 2018 Messager

There is so much difference in what they have in the WhatsApp 2018 update. Now users can now read messages with getting it marked as read with the green ticks. This is just so good for users who just don’t want the sender to notice he or she has read the message. This was one of the things users like me has always wish for basically because other users use this to track users activities.

There is a long awaiting features users have been waiting for. The ability to delete messages after it’s been sent. This feature was made available in WhatsApp 2017 version. This was done towards the end of the year 2017 that’s why it’s been attributed to WhatsApp 2018. This is just like unsending a message that has already been sent. But not that it has a time limit of at list 7 minutes after which message can no longer be deleted.

The Delete message feature in WhatsApp 2018 is just not limited to only messages. Users can now delete both media files like image, video, and audio. There is also a share of location options where users can share their Live Location on real time. There is just a lot more on what user have in store when they update to the new WhatsApp version. It is best you always update your app as soon as the list update is out.

Download WhatsApp 2018 Update Version

There are so many websites out there that talked about how to Download WhatsApp 2018 version. Note that the best place to Download this app is which is the official website. You can also download WhatsApp 2018 on your PC lets get started.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter the web address on your URL section on your browser.
  2. Click on download icon at the top menu section.
  3. Select your devices such as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or PC.

If you click on your device you will be directed to your mobile phone store if your device happens to be a mobile phone. For PC users your download begins immediately you click on the download icon. There is other website that says “Download WhatsApp 2018 APK for Android” one has to very careful with web platform of such.