Unequivocally, Social media platforms are now great and effective ways to grow and promote your business. Over the years, many business owners have discovered this and are now using the various social media platforms/ Apps to their advantage. One of such social media App is the WhatsApp business App. What is WhatsApp Business App? As the name implies, WhatsApp business APP is a great and powerful tool for every business owner to reach more customers for their business. However, the App was built with the small business owners in mind but the App is still effective for medium and large businesses.

WhatsApp Business App - How do I Download WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp as you know is one of the most used social media platforms in the world today. The platform has over billion of users to it name. WhatsApp Business account is therefore the effective tool to give your business a presence on WhatsApp. Furthermore, WhatsApp business App will also help you to communicate, reach your customers and also grow your businesses. With the aid of the App, you can highlight your business products and services and also give your customers the best shopping experience. You can do all this with the aid of the App on your mobile device.

Can I Access WhatsApp Business on Desktop

Meanwhile, the business WhatsApp download is also available for desktop and can be4 downloaded on your Pc. Also, you can access the WhatsApp business App on your PC through the WhatsApp Web. Just go the official website of the platform, Scan using the App on your device. Moreover, the App can be downloaded for free and requires no subscription and sign up before accessing the App. The effectiveness of the App cannot be over emphasized, check the outlines below for the features of the WhatsApp Business App.

Features of WhatsApp Business App

The features of the WhatsApp Business App are really intriguing. As a business owner, whether you own a big, medium or small-scale business. I think you should check out these features, because they might really come in handy for your business growth and promotion.

Below are the features of the WhatsApp Business App;

  • Business Profile; For every business owner to truly reach his or her potential customers. He or she needs to create a business profile, that will enable customers find important information about your business. Such Information might include, your contact, location or website.
  • Quick Massaging tool; WhatsApp business App, Provides you with a quick responsive message. Simply select the “/” on your mobile device keyword and then select a quick reply message to send to your customers.
  • Automatic Greeting and Away message; Another fantastic feature of the App is that. You can create an introductory message, which will be sent to your customers who are messaging your business for the First time. Also, you can create an away message which will be sent to customers trying to reach you after your working hours.
  • Label Contact Support: The WhatsApps Business App allows you to organize your contacts. And also categorize them in labels so as to be able to access them easily.
  • Catalogue; This is another important feature of the WhatsApp Business App that must be put into consideration. The catalogue helps to showcase your business products, so as your customers can easily search for goods they will like to buy. You don’t need to redirect your customers to your website or anywhere as your product will be properly grouped on your WhatsApp Business Account homepage. All you need to do is to add the Price, Description and Product codes of each item on your catalogue.
  • WhatsApp Web; you can also conveniently and effectively reply all your business message on your Pc browser with the WhatsApp Business App on your device.

The WhatsApps business App features, are quite extensive. This is because, the App was built on top of WhatsApp Messenger and includes all the Features you can rely on.

WhatsApp Business App Download

Downloading the WhatsApp business App on your iOS, Android or on your Desktop.is not a nuclear science but a very easy. Check the outlines below for each download process.

For iOS and Android

  • Go to your Play store or Google Play Store
  • Using the Search box, search for the WhatsApp Business App
  • Click on Install Or Get
  • Then, Launch and Open the App

For Desktop

  • Open your web browser
  • Then visit the WhatsApp Business official website which domain name is whatsapp.com
  • Then scroll down and click on the WhatsApp Business
  • After that, you will be taken to another page where you get to click on the download button

Click on the download button and the app will start downloading. However, when you want to download this WhatsApp business app for PC, make sure there is enough space on your device. If not, you won’t be able to download the app. These are the easy steps on how to download the WhatsApp business apk for PC.