What is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business? On the contrary, WhatsApp Business happens to be an app that is basically created for business. However, while you intend to access the WhatsApp Business, you find it easier when you interact with customers in the sense that, the WhatsApp Business has tools to automate, sort and quickly reply to messages. However, this Wa Business works like the WhatsApp messenger. Also, you can use this WhatsApp Business to do anything that the WhatsApp messenger can do which comprises sending photos, video call, voice call, sending videos, viewing statuses and a lot more.

WhatsApp Business - How to Get Started with Gb WhatsApp Business Account

Nevertheless, while you want to access the wa business, you get to access if for free of charge. And there is no aspect on the WhatsApp Business that requires you to pay any fee. Moreover, you can create a WhatsApp Business account online as you can only access your account online. However, if you ate Also, you can use WhatApp Business alongside with WhatsApp as it does not disturb each other.

How Do I Sign Up for WhatsApp Business Account

However, signing up for a WhatsApp Business, make sure the number you are using has not been used in the past to open either WhatApp Business account. If not, you might lost the previous account that is linked to the used number you provided. Meanwhile, some easy steps on how to create a Web WhatsApp Business account will be listed below:

  • Firstly, get the WhatsApp Business app downloaded on your device
  • Then tap on it and it will open
  • After that, then you will be taken to another place where you will be asked to enter your business details
  • Enter your business details like your Business Name, Business Address, Business working hours and what your business is all about.

When you are done, then click on the done button below and you will be taken to your WhatsApp web Busines messages where you get to start adding contact and start sending messages. Without stressing yourself, these are the easy steps on how to create a wa business account. we will also be listing out the steps on how to you can access the WhatsApp Business on

How to Access WhatsApp Business web version

Meanwhile, accessing your account online, you will need your phone where the WhatsApp Business is logged to scan barcode. If not, you won’t be allowed to access the WhatsApp Business online. However, some easy steps on how to access the Wa Business on desktop will be listed below:

  • However, to access the WhatApp Business account on desktop, you need to get your phone active
  • Then, download the WhatsApp Busines app for PC or visit their online official website which domain name is web.whatsapp.com
  • On the wa business website homepage, you will see a barcode
  • Click on option from your phone and select WhatsApp Web

You will then be redirected to another page where you will be asked to scan the barcode you see on the system. Scan the barcode and your WhatsApp Business account will automatically be logged in to your PC. you are to follow the same steps if you are using the app on Desktop also.

Whatsapp Business Download

On the contrary, users can also download Whatapp Business apk or app on their mobile devices. for those that does not have a PC devices can acctually make use of the Whatapp Business App for mobile. Besides, busines account whatsapp is also available on the mobile app which you only need your mobile number to create an account. below are how to download the gb whatsapp business App;

  • lunch your mobile devices Play Store or Apple Store.
  • make use of the search engine to find the Whatsapp Bunniess App.
  • Click on it when found to install & download.

finally, you have successfully download the business WhatApp app on your mobile devices. So therefore, creating a business account on WhatsApp Mobile is quite easy once you lunch the App follow the steps and instruction. whatsapp stands as a mean of marketing platform to enrich to people about your products. Besides, you can connect your Gb business to your web browser online.