Whatsapp Latest Version – Download WhatsApp Messenger Latest Version


WhatsApp latest version always comes with new awesome features as changes are been done to improve usability. When I started using the app for chatting I always notice that the numbers always change form version 2.0.1 other numbers. Sometimes it wouldn’t let me access my WhatsApp account and I know you must have noticed the same problem on your phone. Well, that not a problem as some users always set their app to auto-update so as to get WhatsApp latest version whenever updates are available.  While downloading the app have you ever come across number figures below the WhatsApp icon? It’s called version, there are series of WhatsApp version but how do you get the WhatsApp latest version for your Android, iPhone, or Windows devices.

Whatsapp Latest Version - Download WhatsApp Messenger Latest Version


I will be talking about some features WhatsApp latest version and how to download WhatsApp latest version on your device. If your app is still running on the old version you can update it at any time and get all the new features on the app. Note that WhatsApp expires and every user on the platform are to download the latest version on their phones. WhatsApp is well known for its ability to communicate with family and friends and having over one billons users using WhatsApp to create a group and other features. Features of WhatsApp latest version can’t be compared to the old version

WhatsApp Latest Version Features

With WhatsApp, users can now connect with friends, chat and even go through their profile picture. The frames on the old version look a little bit dull and less attractive when you see the latest frames work of latest WhatsApp version. The following feature that will make you leave the old version are the ability to:

  • Make a video call with someone that is outside the country through the video call.
  • Build and stream video, bundling photo into becoming an album.
  • You can voice message without needing to write the words.
  • Access lots of GIF, emoji, amination, and felling and expression icon.
  • Send PDF file, spreadsheet, and document to users with the aid of email address.
  • Block other users from sending your messages.
  • Delete messages and forward messages to another user.

For users that want a new change in the structures. You must have the following devices Android, iPhone, window phones, PC, Mac OS x 10.9 or higher, Nokia and blackberry. Note that using the blackberry or Nokia must the capacity of S60 and Blackberry 10.

How to Download WhatsApp Latest Version

The download process can be through a web browser or via your mobile app stores. Both are very simple and easy so let start with the app stores. Each device has its app store just like google play store for Android devices and App store for iOS devices. Irrespective of what devices, you are using, go to your mobile app store search for WhatsApp and click install. Wait for the app to finish installing then you have WhatsApp latest version. The second method on the PC, window by clicking on the link www.whatsapp.com and click download. After installing the app the next process is to begin using your account.

WhatsApp Latest Version – How to Sign in on the Latest Version

For people who know, the app very well wouldn’t have a problem access their account. Nothing has changed as you can use the same process to access to your account.

  • Finally, you have launched the app click on the icon.
  • Click accept term& continues.
  • Enter your phone number.

Once the number has been confirming enter the code sent to you and click continues. Upload your picture and name. Then you have started using the WhatsApp latest version.


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