WhatsApp Update – How to update WhatsApp to New Version.

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Why do I need to process Whatsapp updates? And how do I update my Whatsapp? Whatsapp just like other apps online at some point in time should be updated. This is because when it is updated, you get to access and enjoy new features. So, It should be a habitual thing to always update our apps at intervals. This doesn’t only ensure that all errors in older versions are fixed. Updating WhatsApp also comes with new and improved features. Hence, the updated app works perfectly than the old version. Besides, it is free.

Aside from the everyday features we use on Whatsapp, the latest WhatsApp update features a number of options that helps to keep its users’ interests aloft. That is why your Whatsapp needs to be updated. And when it is updated, you wouldn’t miss out on the new Whatsapp features. And also you won’t find your Whatsapp to be different from that of others. Moreover each time this app is updated, you get to enjoy new features and see that the app is improving.

WhatsApp Features

Like Telegram, WhatsApp goes on to support Google Gboard GIFs in its new version. It does support GIFs right from time but only through its own GIF interface. Gboard’s GIF panel was grayed out and, therefore, not usable within the app. Now, that has become an event of the past. More emojis have been added to suit every user.

Users can now enable two-step verification on their WhatsApp accounts for compact security. This is a manual process and can be set on Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable. After this is done, a user will be asked for a six-digit PIN and backup email address. These, when the input, he/she can proceed to confirm. Each time the user tries to set up a device with his phone number, he will be required to provide the PIN code used for the process.

Call your loved ones with the WhatsApp video and voice call feature. Simply select a contact, choose one of the call options and you are good to go! This is a talk-more feature; it’s unlimited. Update WhatsApp and enjoy up-to-date features therein.

How to Update Whatsapp New Version

Whether you are using Google Play Store or the App Store; you can set the Auto-Update feature which serves as a manual way of updating the apps on your mobile. These apps probably include the old version of WhatsApp Messenger, or not. Whenever a new version of this messaging app is released, the app market installed on your device notifies you. You can then follow some steps as directed to manually update the already-installed application. Also, you can locate WhatsApp using the search engine.

If you do not have the app, you can download it on the app store designed for your mobile device. For example; Google Play or App Store. Each app store, on an entry of WhatsApp on its search engine, locates the app. This is where users who already have the messaging app on their devices will be provided with an “uninstall” and “update”(if a new version has been released) options. A tap on the “Update” icon helps you get the latest WhatsApp Messenger app.

When you have enabled the auto-update on your app store, you do not need to visit your device app store again to update the app. The update is free and wouldn’t affect your previous messages and chats with people. Neither would it affect whatever you have set on your account. It would only set the new features for you. So you should update your Whatsapp when necessary. So you can see what’s new on Whatsapp and get to enjoy it too.