Prior to WhatsApp update, some new features have been provided to align with its users’ “send and receive” scheme. Available for Android and other smartphones, update WhatsApp lets a user have access to tons of great features that come with the latest version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Update

It should be a habitual thing to always update our apps at an interval, so be sure to update WhatsApp to its latest version. This only doesn’t ensure that all errors in older versions are fixed, the WhatsApp update also comes with new and improved features. Hence, the updated app is prompted to work perfectly. WhatsApp update is absolutely free of charge.

When you update WhatsApp Messenger app, you will be able to access all the elements available for a selected device’ operating system. In any case, installing the latest version of WhatsApp app follows same procedures for all devices.

WhatsApp Update

Aside from the everyday functions that are on for use on WhatsApp old version, the latest WhatsApp update features a number of options which help to keep its users’ interests aloft. WhatsApp’ status update feature allows users to share photos and videos with friends within a time limit. This, in fact, doesn’t get in the way of its text-based status updates.

WhatsApp embeds a “pinned chats” feature which lets a user to pin up to three chats to the top of a conversation list.  Rather made possible in an easy mode, a user is expected to tap and hold a chat, select the new pin icon that shows in the action bar, and you have your chat pinned. Quite easy, right? Pinned chats remain at the top at all times and can be unpinned to create another pinned chats.

More Features on WhatsApp Update

Like Telegram, WhatsApp goes on to support Google Gboard GIFs in its new version. It does support GIFs right from time but only through its own GIF interface. Gboard’s GIF panel was grayed out and, therefore, not usable within the app. Now, that has become an event of the past. More emoji have been added to suit every user.

Users can now enable two-step verification on their WhatsApp accounts for compact security. This is a manual process and can be set on Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable. After this is done, a user will be asked for a six-digit PIN and backup email address. These, when input, he/she can proceed to confirm. Each time the user tries to set up a device with his phone number, he will be required to provide the PIN code used for the process.

Call your loved ones with WhatsApp video and voice call feature. Simply select a contact, choose one of the call options and you are good to go! This is a talk-more scenerio; it’s unlimited. Update WhatsApp and enjoy up to date features therein.

Update WhatsApp New Version

Either you are using Google Play Store or App store; you can set for Auto-Update feature which saves you a manual way of updating the apps on your mobile. These apps probably include the old version of WhatsApp Messenger, or not. Whenever a new version of this messaging app is released, the app market installed on your device notifies you. You can then follow some steps as directed to manually update the already-installed application. Too also, you can find for WhatsApp in the search box.

If you do not have the app, you can download it on the app market designed for your device’ operating system i.e. Google Play or App Store. Each app market, on an entry of WhatsApp on its search box, finds the app and brings it forth. This is where users who already have the messaging app on their devices will be provided with an “uninstall” and “update”(if a new version has been released) options. A tap on the “Update” icon helps you get the latest WhatsApp Messenger app.

On the other hand, if the Auto-Update function is enabled, the new WhatsApp is automatically updated; in place of the old version. WhatsApp update is done with a few clicks and at no cost. Could there ever be some reasons why anyone will not want to have the newest WhatsApp version when the update is made easy and free? No! So it is highly recommended to update WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Web Portal | Official WhatsApp Update links

One of the ways to install the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger app in an instant is by using the direct download links provided for a number of operating system on WhatsApp official portal. This lets you select your device’ operating system and update WhatsApp.

Each direct link allows WhatsApp update for devices that fall in the specified category only. This means that all Android users, irrespective of their device models, can use the WhatsApp update for Android only. Any link selection other than the one designed for your device’ operating system will not work. The WhatsApp update for various operating system options are as listed below.

  • WhatsApp update for Mac/PC
  • Update WhatsApp for iPhone
  • WhatsApp update for Android
  • WhatsApp update for BlackBerry
  • Update WhatsApp for Windows Phone
  • WhatsApp update for Nokia

These listed links are copied from WhatsApp official portal, so you can be rest assured that any update done with it is 100% trusted and malware free. Click on your device operating system’s link to get an updated WhatsApp Messenger app.