Have you heard of a wish shop that allows you to browse and purchase nice items online? If not, now is your chance to know about this unique store. A wish shop is an online marketplace or shopping store which enables you to browse and buy items from third-party sellers. This shop was founded in San Francisco in the year 2010 by Peter Szulczewski and Zhang. And ever since then it has become very popular across the world due to its unique features and enjoy benefits. Also, if you want to sell your goods and items, you can do that at the Wish store. As the site helps to get your items to so many people online.

What is it you want to buy and then you are finding it difficult finding it on any other store? Wish shop has got it right in its store for you. All you just have to do is visit its website online and explore. Then place your order. But you should know that you can’t access the store without first processing Wish sign-up if you don’t have an account. Even as you might have noticed when you made a visit to the website. But relax as the sign-up is very easy to process. Besides, there are lots of features and benefits that you would even have access to when you sign up for your wish.

Why Should I use Wish Shop?

There’s a lot to gain and enjoy when using wish shop. One of the reasons for using wish shop is that you would have a very nice shopping experience on the platform. However, if you are a seller, on Wish shop, you would find lots of customers and active users that would be willing to buy your items. You can now see that for both customers and item owners, there’s a chance for you on Wish shop and there’s a lot you can enjoy on wish shop. All you just have to do is sign up with these steps below.

Wish Shop Sign Up

Before you get access to the Wish shop platform, the site requires you to first process its sign-up. After that, you can now have access to the features of the platform and the items available on the platform for sale. And also even get the opportunity to put up your own items for sale too. The sign-up is very easy to process and only requires a few of your info. Besides, you can use your Facebook, Google, or even Apple id to sign up on wish. Here are simple steps below on how to sign up for wish;

  • Visit Wish official website https://www.wish.com/
  • You would be redirected to the login page
  • On the sign up section, enter your name, email address and password
  • Click on the sign up button
  • Or select your preferred account for sign up
  • Then provide the info required of you.

Once your sign-up is complete, you would be asked a few questions for you to be directed to the wish section where you would easily find what you want to buy. So once you are done, just click on the finish button to complete. Then you can now login to your wish account whenever you want to for you to shop on a wish and that item that you have always wanted to have.

How to Purchase

To shop on wish first requires you to sign up, then after which login. Once you have signed in to your wish account, then shopping is now very easy. As you would see different things you can even buy, right from dresses to beauty and other things irrespective of your age. Now interested in shopping on Wish, here are steps on how to shop below;

  • Sign in to your wish account
  • Scroll down and explore the different items for sale on wish
  • Add to cart
  • Done shopping? Click on the cart button
  • Enter your shipping address and click on the save address button
  • Add your payment info
  • Proceed to checkout

You can now wait for your item to be shipped to you from the wish shop on your shipping date. Shop for as many items as you want freely on wish and enjoy this upcoming holiday.