Wix Facebook Store – Facebook Business

Are you looking for a cool and interesting way to sell your stuff online? Do you know of the Wix facebook store? I will be telling you all you need to propel and drive your goods and products to the right audience using the Wix facebook store. But before I do that there are things you first need to understand. You need to know what Wix is and how it operates. You also need to know what the facebook store is and everything it stands for.  All you need to is to follow me on this incredible journey in this article.

Wix Facebook Store - Facebook Business

What Is Wix

Wix is a website builder. And the Wix platform is one of the most important website builders out there. Over three million sites have been created using Wix all over the globe. Although it was created in 2006 in Israel, it has grown sporadically and over 100 million people make use of Wix worldwide. And nearly 45000 people sign up to Wix daily. The platform is an ideal tool for small businesses. You can easily create a website or an online store with this platform.

The platform is most suitable for restaurants, small online stores, community centers, local shops and so much more. This platform is easy to use and understand. If you are looking to build something simple and you therefore do not know how to code, this platform is worth exploring. The Wix platform is completely free to use for as long as you want it to. You only have to pay when you want to be more professional. You will need to choose form one of six premiums Wix plans.

Facebook Store

The Facebook store is a Facebook feature. It is, in fact, one of the best features on the Facebook platform. With this platform, Facebook users can now sell their products directly on the facebook platform to other facebook users. The facebook store feature is a free one. All you need to do to access this feature is to be a registered user of the facebook platform. You also need to have a facebook page or be an admin of a facebook page.

How to Link Your Facebook Store to Wix

With Wix you can create an online store. And with the facebook store feature you can create an online store. You can also create and build a website with the platform. If you want more product sales it is better that you link both platforms. But before you can link both platforms, you need to have accounts with both platforms. To link your facebook store to Wix follow the steps below;

  1. You will have to add a facebook pixel to your Wix site.
  2. On the second step you will have to create a product catalog in facebook.
  3. You will need to implement your data feed into your facebook catalog manger on the third step.
  4. Click on upload.

The step above is a summary of the whole process. You can access this platform through your admin panel on your Wix account though.

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