DirecTV  is an American broadcast satellite service provider based in El Segundo , California. it  is a subsidiary of AT&T services. However,  Its satellite service was launched on June 17, 1994. This ATT DirecTV transmits digital satellite television and audio to households in the States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Meanwhile, at&t DIRECTV offers direct broadcast services like television and audio services to subscribers through satellite transmissions which include movies, internet, equipment and Direct in Spanish.

DirecTv - Access the Direct Tv Login & Packages |

Furthermore, The equivalent of many local tv stations, broadcast tv networks, subscription television services, satellite radio services, and private video services. Users have access to hundreds of channels which makes it’s better compared to its competitors based on services. Other services are  DirecTV for business, Bundles, local and international, Media, DirecTV equipment and features. (feature voice, decoder, genie go setup, Direct TV HD DVR and DVRs  and Direct TV mobile app)

Features of Att DirecTV Services

DIRECt TV package is divided into three which are:

  2. Premium Networks.
  3. International Packages.
  4. Sports Packages.


DIRECT TV packages it’s a TV package that gives you access to popular shows like Direct TV movies and DirecTV sports etc. Each package features a different number of channels and extras. You can increase DIRECT TV speed with High-Speed internet from AT&T using Direct TV cable for a quality user experience. Examples are:

  • English TV Packages.
  • Spanish TV Packages.
  • DIRECTV + AT&T Bundles.
  • Internet & Phone Bundles.
  • Business Packages.

Premium Networks

Enhance your HD experience with DirecTV premium channels full of movies, music and much more. Celebrated classic pictures on HD premium movie channel.

HOB: The longest premium network channel with a variety of quality movies on various premium channels like HOB SIGNATURE and HOB FAMILY. Get DIRECTV HBO and see new releases, award-winning shows, sports specials and more.

Showtime: DIRECTV SHOWTIME has something for everyone like DirecTV Movies, original series, comedies, and sports. Subscribe today. DIRECTV SHOWTIME and enjoy multiple channels which including SHO BEYOND and SHOWTIME FAMILY ZONE.

Starz And Encore: This package offers high-quality programs on over dozen channels with great additions to any premium package. Add Direct TV STARZ Super Pack to your premium package and enjoy lineup channels from STARZ and ENCORE.

Cinemax: Order for Cinemax Package today and get the edge of entertainment with thrilling movies and captivating dramas. More MAX and Action MAX that are full excitement.

Direct tv International Packages

Enjoy from a huge variety of international foreign languages package from DIRECT TV international packages. This include channel all over the world to make you feel right at home just as you want it. Just select your base package and choose from a variety of international packs you want. To stay even more connected, check out DIRECTV + Internet packages featuring High-Speed Internet from AT&T.

Direct tv Sports Packages

Which team do you follow, what’s your most exciting game? Direct TV sports packages keep you in the game and give you more coverage of your games. Subscribe now DIRECTV package for the sports fanatic in your house. DIRECT TV premium sports for the ultimate fan.

Direct tv User Account

It has various packages and services to make their users and customers happy. You can’t gain access to all these benefits without signing up for DirecTV Account. Therefore users can now enjoy full benefit and quality services of Direct TV by creating an account. This is by using your account number or your phone number and the last 4 digits of your credit card. Then enter your last name and click on continue button.

How do i Login My Directv Account 

As we all know that Direct TV offers direct broadcast services like television and audio services to subscribers through satellite transmissions which include movies, internet, equipment, and Direc tv in Spanish. To enjoy all this services every user need to login to his or her user account. User can go through the following steps to log in to this platform

  • Go to the home page but enrting the web addres as in your web browser.
  • Go to your right-hand side and click on the my account icon at the top right section.
  • Enter your registered email or your AT&T access card id.
  • Note: use your AT&T access id if only you receive a combined bill from DirecTV and AT&T.
  • Enter your correct password.
  • Click on sign in to my account icon.

This is a classified broadcast service provider that provid quality service for their users. User can’t get access to Direct TV platform unless they have correct and registered user id and password to gain access.