www.facebook.com /hackers – Recover Facebook Password | Facebook Hackers

In other to protect users account Facebook password is a security measure set out for users to access their account. Like, will have it in the real word keys are used to unlock doors so As Facebook password.  A user who has an account needs to enter the right Facebook password in the required section to access their account.

www.facebook.com /hackers - Recover Facebook Password | Facebook Hackers

Once a user enters a correct Facebook password and the right email he or she can gain access to the account. Even if the account does not belong to him or her. For the fact that he enters the correct login details he will be granted access to the account. Users has to be careful with their password, so it doesn’t get to the hands of unauthorized users.

As it is required for users to enter the correct facebook password in the password section. Once the users enter a wrong password, he won’t be able to access his or her account. In this case,, if you have forgotten what your password is you can recover your facebook password.

How do I Recover Facebook Password

If you have lost your Facebook login password. There are couple of ways to recover access to your account which is also known as Facebook Password recovery. For example, I forgot what my password is and am unable to login to my account. Now, what do I do? Unfortunately, Facebook won’t e-mail your password. But that’s a good thing as they do not share your info with anyone.

The only way to get back on Facebook is to reset your password as you cant get back the old one. There is a various option that users can make use of in other to reset their password. It now depends on what the users make use of when creating his or her account. Some users make use of mobile number why some make use of email address. Let’s get started with Facebook password rest steps.

  • Enter the default URL which is www.facebook.com on the address bar section.
  • Click on the forget my password option just under the password section.
  • Select the option you wish to reset facebook password with.

If you have selected Email address or mobile number. A code will be sent to you via the option that was selected. you can verify and reset your password to a new one.

How to change Facebook password

Changing of Facebook Password can also be done by clicking on the forget my password option on the login page. It’s a good thing to change your password once you have noticed any suspicious activities. In other to Change Facebook Password follow the below process.

  • Log in to your account on www.facebook.com portal.
  • Click on the last icon at the top right section and click on settings.
  • On the left section click on security and log in.
  • Click on the edit icon next to change your password.
  • Type your current and new password and tap save changes.

one thing with the password change option is that user has to enter their old password. Once you don’t know what your old password is you can click on the forget password option. This we enable you to reset your password to a new one.

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