Yahoo Dark Theme – How to Enable Dark Mode in Yahoo Mail

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How to Enable Dark Theme in Yahoo Mail Or Can I Customize my Yahoo Dark Theme? On the contrary, Billions of people have changed their yahoo mail to a different color background. Such as dark Theme mode while some people call it night mode. However, there are two types of colors in yahoo Mail setting such as light mode and dark theme mode or night mode. Meanwhile, light mode has been in existence since which many people around the world use. But now of recently there is a dark mode which is now rampant. Some apps such Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, chrome, opera mini and so many more like that.

Yahoo Dark Theme - How to Enable Dark Mode in Yahoo Mail

However, making your yahoo app Dark Theme is a kind of customized color. That make the background color change and other things in the yahoo app automatically change. This change was adopted by some people who say they like the dark mode while some say they like it. For instance, those who don’t like the app, find it difficult to see their mails, messages, and other vital information because of the dark mode color. Yahoo dark mode help to reduces headache, eye strain, blurred vision, insomnia. This is one of the importance of ymail dark mode to some people who like the yahoo dark mode app.

Does Yahoo have a Dark Theme Mode?

This has been the most questions asked by users online. And are trying to find the answer to their question. well in this article you will get your answer resourcefully. Yahoo app has a dark mode which most people use instead of light mode. This is both on mobile and desktop by clicking on your profile icon then scroll down until you see the dark theme. Switch it on your home screen which will automatically change the yahoo mail app background.

How to Activate your Yahoo Mail App Dark Theme

Activating your yahoo app need to goes through a process before changing from light mode to dark mode. Dark mode changes all your entire background to dark gray color. If you are interested to know more about yahoo theme dark then activate it to be so. Follow the steps below to know how to activate the dark mode.

  • Make sure your android device is connected to strong and good network services or Wi-Fi to enable go through the process.
  • Open the yahoo mail app on your devices and then open the ymail menu which located where the inbox is at the top right corner of the page
  • Then scroll down and click on the setting of the yahoo app
  • After opening the settings scroll down and choose the themes
  • Now you can select the email account you want to open with night mode
  • Select the night gray themes provided by the yahoo app.
  • However, the last version of the yahoo mail app has different kinds of themes you can choose from such as white blue, white green, white-orange, dark gray-green, dark gray orange, and many more.
  • If you decide the themes you want to use then press the set button theme after that your scree yahoo mail app will change
  • If you want to know if it has change check your devices home screen to confirm

Nevertheless, you can still change the themes to the light mode for readability. More Also, if you get bored of the night mode, gray mode, or dark mode then you can change to other color themes.