Yahoomail is a system of world-wide web-based electronic email service in which an internet user can compose a message at one terminal that can be regenerated at the recipient’s terminal when the recipient checks in. This may look like the usual text messaging its called yahoo email.


Yahoomail is a more official web-based communication system than any other. It is used for messaging which includes attachments and links of any size. It can accumulate an unlimited terabyte of information.

About Yahoomail

Yahoo mail was created by a parent and still existing company Yahoo. An American based company in a bid to provide better services to the world population. Launched in 1997, yahoo mail was brought to light after yahoo, the parent company acquired Four11.

The acquisition was due to Four11’s webmail service, Rocketmail, which launched in the same year. Chances were that Rocketmail could skyrocket in terms of users but may not have the managing capability to effectively handle a large number of users across the United States and beyond. Hence, Yahoo stepped in, and upgrade into yahoomail which is the official email platform of Yahoo for all their service.

Within five years, web platform grew from about a million users to tens of millions of users who constantly send email messages to other users. This showed the accuracy of yahoo’s foresight as well as illustrates how people have increasingly made email communication an essential part of their lives. Also, yahoo has helped incorporate and manage Oddpost, another mail service and more recently Verizon. Through their email platfrom, yahoo shows increasing leadership style and innovation by offering a powerful email solution.

Features Of Yahoomail

Today, yahoomail boasts of over 250 million users worldwide in its twenty years of operation. It relates in over twenty languages and has a number of benefits including switching email accounts, text messaging, mass messaging to more than one person, instant messaging or chatting through yahoo messenger, personalization, spam blocking, news on happenings around that may interest you and much more.

But one good thing about their services is that. Users can send email messages to any user in as much that they have an email account. As a user of yahoomail email platform, you can receive email messages from other email service providers like Outlook, Gmail, and lots more. There are no restrictions on what email platform that can send email messages to your yahoomail email account.

Yahoomail Account

One thing you should have in mind is that in other to make use of this platform you need to create a yahoomail account. The account contains all your information and details whereby you always access your inbox and read incoming email messages. Creating a yahoomail account is also referred to as yahoomail sign up for new users.

A user can always sign up for a new account either using a web browser or mobile app as this is free and open to all new users. Note that if you already have an account you can always log in to your account as a returning user. You don’t have to always create yahoomail account anytime you want to visit this platform.

Classification of Folders On Yahoomail Account

On there is a standard classification of folders. These folders include your inbox, which contains received messages, outbox, containing sent but undelivered messages, sent messages, spam. Containing unwanted messages that are weeded out by yahoomail, as well as the trash folder, which houses deleted messages.

Just like the trash bin at home, you can always get your deleted messages from trash. Unless you have chosen to empty the trash completely. A beautiful feature of yahoomail is that you can also create folders in a bid to personalize your yahoomail account. Users can always arrange their email so they easily access the particular email they want on their yahoomail account. Below are some of the available features when you sign in to your yahoomail account.


Attachments are documents or images that you can send a message to another mail user. You can also attach them to a message to be sent, hence the name attachment. These attachments can be a word or spreadsheet file, a scanned document, audio or picture file, and could also be linked to being downloaded. You can have up to 10megabyte of attachment to be sent via yahoo mail. When you send or receive an attachment, it looks like a paperclip in your message or inbox.

Search Box

Users make use of their email service on a daily or hourly basis, and as such, one might need to start scrolling down to view older messages. To make it easier, yahoomail has the search box. Here you just have to insert the file name or the name of the other user that sent or received the needed info. By searching, you get access to what you need easily.

Personalized Signature and Vacation Response

This is a beautiful feather added to the cap. Users can make use of signatures which appear at the end of all your messages. This is what organizations like banks and business corporations use when sending messages to their customers. Also, you can prepare a vacation response for anybody that contacts you while you are away from your email. This allows them to be in charge of your account by letting people know you are still around but having a little time out.

However, it is important to note that your account expires with inactivity under a year. This is to help stop unnecessary traffic and allow other users know the account is already inexistent. With all these and much more, yahoomail is and will continue to be one of the best web-based email services in human history. So, connect to and be a part of its history.