Email service providers have become so many on the internet today. One of which is known as Yandex. Yandex is a Russian email service provider which provided the email service known as Yandex mail. The Yandex email service is a Russia free email service which uses automatic spam filtering and also checks for viruses. There are also, two platforms where Yandex email can be accessed. They are through the website and also via the app as the email service also developed an app by which it can be accessed.

Yandex Mail - How to Sign Up & Access a Free Yandex.Mail com Account

Yandex mail was launched as a free service in 2009 but was created and also began its operations in 2000. Mail Yandex gives users to opportunity to create up to a thousand email account just in one domain. Also, later after it was launched as a free email service, it was developed to have individual spam filters. The mail Yandex developers didn’t stop there. They added an email translator in 2011. But then only two languages were available until year 2016 when they made over 30 different languages available on the email. Then the Yandex email became one of the most popular email services in Europe receiving about 20 thousand visitors and users monthly. It kept developing till year 2020 when it changed its domain to Yandex Mail 360 which happened to replace the former domain known as Yandex Email which combines different Yandex services and also provides a free space of 20 GB for its email users.

Yandex Mail App

Mail Yandex app is a very easy to use and also a convenient mailbox available for your mobile device. With Yandex mail app, you can read and customize emails any where and at any point in time. It is also securely protected from spam and any type of virus. Which means, it is safe for you to download on your device. The app is however available with different unique features for download on your mobile device app stores which includes Google play and apple store. For android and iOS respectively. See below steps on how to install the app on your mobile device.

  • Open your device app store
  • Locate the Yandex email app using the search engine
  • Click on the app from the result
  • Tap on the get or install button

With these steps you can install the Mail Yandex app on your mobile device and start accessing it to create email account, sign in, gain access to all of mail Yandex features, customize emails and also receive emails. But only after you must have processed the Yandex mail sign up.

Can i Sign Up For Yandex Mail Account

Yandex mail sign up is a registration process which ought to be taken in order to have a Mail Yandex account in your possession. The sign up also enables you to have free access to all the features of the email service whenever and wherever with the use of your login credentials. Here are steps by which you should process the Yandex mail sign up;

  • Open the mail Yandex app or visit the website
  • Click on the create an account button
  • Provide your required personal information which includes your first name, last name, login, password, and a mobile number.
  • Click on the register button

If you do not have a mobile number, there is still an alternative for you. Just click on the “I don’t have a mobile number link”. Then you would be asked to choose a security question which you would provide the answer. This however is for security reasons incase you forget your password or have any other login issues.

how do I Log in My Yandex Mail Online

Even after a sign up, the login is very important. Reason is, it is more like a key to enter into your Yandex email account. It only requires just a few information which you must have provided during sign up which includes your email/phone number and password. Below are steps on how to login to your mailYandex;

  • Visit the mail Yandex website/open the app
  • Click on the Yandex mail login button
  • Enter your email or phone number
  • Click on login
  • Provide your password
  • Follow the rest instructions given to you.

Note that if you do not have an account, you would not be able to process the login. Therefore, sign up for a Yandex email account to be able to process the Yandex mail login and do all what it enables you do on the platform.