YouTube Channel – Share Your Video On Your Channel
You must have a little idea on what this channel is all about. As we all know, YouTube is a video sharing platform. YouTube supports sharing of videos with your friends, family and even the world at large. You can also enjoy a countless number of videos.

One thing I love about this platform is that a user who has a YouTube channel can upload original content and share it with the world via their YouTube channel. This is a Google-owned platform for video sharing that is open to every individual who has a Gmail Account. If you want to know a popular Youtuber’s Net Worth, you can quickly do so online.

Basic Features of YouTube Channel

YouTube channel is designed to display the videos you have uploaded and give room for people to like the videos, comment on it, create a playlist and even subscribe to your YouTube channel and vice versa. However, owning a google account doesn’t guarantee your presence on YouTube.

It only gives you access to your YouTube account because it is owned by Google so all account are merged into one. But to get people to watch your videos, comment on them, subscribe or make a playlist on it, you must create a YouTube channel. Your channel aids your personal presence on YouTube.  You can make use of your computer or a mobile phone to create a YouTube Channel if you don’t have one.

Most users create video tutorials to help other users learn by watching their videos. You can also upload funny videos or other entertaining content but always make sure your videos are unique and don’t contain any copyrighted materials. Users can also create YouTube channel for an entrepreneur, for your own business and even for monetary purposes.

How To Create A YouTube Channel

Most users have been watching video on YouTube and have been wanting to upload their own content for other users to see. Below is a step by step guide on how to creating a YouTube channel.

Note that this platform is owned by Google and managed with your Google account and can be accessed using your Gmail Account. If you are stuck in setting up your account follow the below steps if you already have a Gmail Account.

  1. Using a YouTube mobile app or computer sign into your Gmail Account.
  2. Try uploading a video, creating a playlist or making a comment. Any of this action requires a channel.
  3. You will see a prompt to create a channel if you don’t own a channel
  4. With your google account name, check the details and create your new channel.

Congratulations!! You now own a YouTube channel if you have followed the instructions above. Note that if you are using a computer the web address is which is web address you need to enter in the url section on your browser. You can also create a YouTube channel to earn money. You can even try a youtube link shortener. Shortening your links can help drastically improve your click-throughs and shares.

How To Make Money From Your YouTube Channel

Google has made it possible that user can make money by uploading interesting content on their channel. This is by monetizing your video so as to display adverts whenever users view them. Below is what’s need to start making money from your YouTube channel.

  • Enable users to view you videos on your channel.
  • Connecting your channel to an Absence account.
  • Knowing the videos you can monetize and the different ad format.

You can start earning money through your YouTube channel. Your uploads should be of a good content and nice editing so as to get people to like and subscribe to your channel to keep them in contact whenever you have a newly uploaded content.

How To Get Subscribers on your YouTube Channel

A YouTube subscriber is a person who chooses to follow you on your channel so as to get updates of your latest upload. This person tends to subscribe to your channel to view content, like, comment and even share your videos with others. Any subscriber is seen as your fan and the more subscribers you get the higher popularity of your channel is. There are also some agencies and some external agents that can help you propel into the competition. The Marketing Heaven will get your number of views way up which in turn will guarantee you greater exposure. To get more people to follow you on YouTube you have to follow these tips:

  • Firstly you have to have a good plan of whatever you are going to upload on your channel. You have to decide what the content of your videos should contain and how the content should look like. The organization is a skill to getting people to like whatever is in your content to keep every bit of your upload in an ordered manner.
  • Make sure you give your uploads strong title and nice description
  • Be consistent with your uploads. YouTube subscribers definitely want more and more of what you have got to offer. You need to keep them posted by been frequent with your uploads. This will make viewers aware of your channel.
  • You can also connect your account to Ad Sense.
  • Connect your account to social media.

Ask For Subscribers

The easiest way to getting fans subscribe to your channel is by asking them to do so in your videos. You can never assume that they will hit the subscribe button after viewing the videos you just have to use the compelling call to action by telling them to subscribe, telling them why they should and how they should.

  • Focus on the first 10 seconds of the video. This will keep the subscriber on the video to avoid them leaving before getting to the main point.
  • By adding Annotations to your video will make the content more interactive and engage the users.

YouTube uploads support entertainments, fashion, and styles, comedy, live streaming, films and music, gaming. Let the world know what you are up to by getting them to subscribe to your channel and like your videos.