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Spread the love as we all know is a platform created for users to share videos online. In other words, it is an American Video Sharing social platform that gives privileges to everyone to come and express themselves through videos. This website is free to visit, create a channel and also watch other videos created by other users of the platform. You can also subscribe to your favorite channel online, like, share and comment on a post you like. which is youtube’s official website is fun to visit. So you should visit and have fun. is a web platform that allows users to view and share videos and many other media files on it. Users can access this web platform on their devices from all over the world. The website offers its services worldwide but is not accessible in countries with restrictions. But before you access this platform, you need to create an account or better still have a Google account. This is because one would be required of you when you want to watch videos or do anything on the video-sharing website. Web Platform Review

The layout and design of the website platform are very easy to use. As users can easily navigate and get to the video of their choice that they wish to view. The web platform allows users to carry out its sign-up process so that they can be able to create their own YouTube channels and share videos.

Users that do not wish to carry out the sign-up process can only benefit from viewing services that offers. They can search and stream different videos of their choice on the platform. All they have to do is simply enter the name of the file they want to stream in the search option. Then click the button to use the search option to locate the file they wish to stream.

The platform search option brings out results that are based on the keyword the user inputs into it. Users can now enter any video from the search result and start streaming. Users can also make use of the menu section on the web platform to find what they want.

The Menu 

The menu sections serve as a means for users to also use to navigate and explore the web platform if they decide not to use the search option. The menu section option in the web platform is.

  • Home.
  • Trending.
  • History.
  • Best of Youtube.

The Home menu section allows users to easily navigate to web platform homepage. Users can also make use of the Trending menu section to get to recent Youtube videos that are trending on The history menu section option allows users to easily locate what they view in the past and would like to stream again. But the History menu section’s option can only be used by users that have already sign-in to their Youtube accounts. That is to say that users have to sign in to their Youtube account to make use of this menu section.

Categories of Videos on

The Youtube videos on are under the Best of Youtube menu section on the web platform. Youtube videos category allows users to easily locate the kind of video they wish to stream and view. The Youtube videos category on the web platform includes.

  • Music.
  • Sports.
  • Gaming.
  • News.
  • Live.
  • 360o Videos.

Each of these video category names vividly explains the videos that are under them. So users that don’t want to make use of the search option or do not know what to view or stream in particular can check out any of the above Youtube videos categories. When a user enters any of the video categories they can check the channels under the video category they enter. Users that already have a Youtube account have to sign in to be able to subscribe to those channels under the Youtube videos category they enter. They can also check, view, and stream the playlists and videos on the Youtube videos category they enter.