Youtube is a platform users all over the world make use of to benefit from its video sharing services which it offers. Well as time passed by on the initial release of the platform they brought about the release of the Youtube mobile app which runs on many devices. Users have found ways which they can officially download videos from the platform to their device. Well, that is why the platform has brought forward the Youtube go.

Youtube Go

Youtube Go is an application which allows users to make use of the video services on it and also be able to download videos to their device. This enables the users to view them later offline on their device. Youtube go app is officially owned by Youtube platform. So users do not need to have fear of making use of the app due to fear of getting virus infected video files into their device. Youtube Go is here to enable you to view all your videos offline with its download feature.

Features Of The Youtube Go App

The Youtube Go is an amazing application although it doesn’t offer all the features which the app offers. Users can make use of it to view and stream video categories which the normal app offers. They can download any of the videos to their device using Youtube Go if they wish to as long as they have memory space on their device to do so.

The application allows users to share videos which they download to friends or other people without using an internet connection. Users can also carry out the Youtube Login process on this app. Once they log in they will be able to manage their watch and search history on the app. That is users can remove any video they wish to form the watch history and can also clear their watch and search history.

Youtube Go has a search option just like that of the default app which users can use to locate and find a video which they intend to watch or download on their device. When user signs into their Youtube account the app automatically opens the Home section on the app. This section contains popular video categories the users can select to watch from or download.

Users can view the downloads tab option. This contains lists of videos and other media files the user has downloaded the app on their device. The menu section can also be of use to users for changing settings of the app. Users can change it to what suits them or what they prefer rather than that of the one the app has. Users can also verify, change or remove their phone number in an option available in the Menu which contains settings.

How To Download The Youtube Go App

For users to be able to benefit and make use of all these amazing features which the Youtube go app offers, they have to ensure that the app is on their device. If the app is not on their device they have to carry out the app download and install process. The app is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices. Users with the above devices that want to make use of the app services can follow these steps to download the app on their device.

  1. Open the app store on your device.
  2. Input the keyword Youtube Go in the search option.
  3. Click the search button.
  4. Enter the app from the search result.
  5. Click the download or install button.

Once the above steps are carried out the app will download and install automatically on the user’s device. Users that have devices which the app is compatible with and can run on. They can download and install the app with the above steps.