The world biggest video sharing services as we all know in the world today is Youtube. The Google-owned company has brought forward many platforms rather than that of it originally launched web platform to expand its viewing and service usage. The likes of Youtube mobile, Youtube gaming, Youtube go and Youtube music are all mediums through which users can reach out to Youtube services.

Youtube Music - YouTube Songs & Music

Youtube music is an app which offers music services to its users. With this app, users can listen and view music video contents of their favorite artist all over the world. Users can only get music related contents on this app, which make it highly recommended for music lovers.

Youtube Music App Review

All the service which this app renders is of use to free users with limits on some features. Youtube Red members who pay a required amount for subscription have access to all the features which the app have to offer. Free users are those that do not pay any subscription fee to make use of the app to a certain limit. While a Youtube Red member who pays for subscription gets to access all the services rendered by the music app.

With this app, users get to view music videos of artists they like, the app has a search engine which allows users to easily locate a music video. When users make use of this search engine, they are given or shown results based on the keyword they input in it. Users can then decide to enter any of these search results to listen to them either online or offline.

The app has an amazing inbuilt media player which users can use to stream, view and watch any music video of their choice. Free users are allowed to only listen to these music files online. While a Youtube Red member can do this online and offline but only audio-playback of the song can be listened to offline. The home section which a user view when the app is opened contains different Youtube music video categories.

Features Of Youtube Music

Youtube music app provides music on this home page based on the users listening history and from music videos which they’ve liked. This amazing feature allows users to easily have something to listen to when the app is launched anytime. This section is known as my station on the app. The app creates a station from the music a user listen’s or is listening to which were recommended for them.

This is a wow feature of this app because with any music a user taps on a station is created based on them. Youtube Red members can listen to songs while carrying out other activities on their device. This feature is known as background playing of media files. With this app users get to listen to different kinds of music along with their official videos.

Youtube Red members get to use all the available features which the app has to offer. But they are also some things these members have to know about this amazing app. When a Red member listens to music with the app, some background activities are taking place which allows them to listen to music offline.

This is known as offline mix-tape. It’s a mix-tape which is created automatically by the app whenever a Red member listens to music. The app carries out updates regularly and adds music to the mix-tape whenever a Red member uses it online. Note: Users should have it in mind that the offline mode of listening to media files in this app does not include video. Youtube Red members can only listen to audio files of songs which are in the offline mix-tape.

How To Download Youtube Music App

The app is available on the app store for Android and iOS devices. Users with any of these devices can download the app. With this app users can make use of music services on the go. Users can follow these steps to download and carry out the app installation process on their device.

  1. Open the app store on your device.
  2. Type the keyword Youtube Music in the search option.
  3. Click the search button.
  4. Enter the app from the search result.
  5. Click the download or install button.

With the above steps, the app download process will start on your device. When the download process is complete, the app will automatically install on your device. Youtube platform users that want to make use of the music services which the app renders. Which also has a device which is compatible with it, can download the app with the above steps.