Zoom sign in gives you access to their platform to virtually interact with your other co-workers or employers when in-person meetings are not possible. With the help of the Zoom sign in account, it seems to make telecommunication much earlier. It also helps you feel connected with others. For instance, with the present situation of the COVID-19 all across the world, the Zoom has become an essential tool for small, medium, large-sized teams or organizations that want to keep in touch and continue with daily workflows with minimal work disruption.

Zoom Sign In - How to Sign into zoom | Zoom Sign in with Google

In the Zoom sign in you can also host a meeting/ join a meeting with your other team members when you visit the platform. There are lots of great features when you are able to sign in to your account or visiting the site on your web browser. For user who does not have a Zoom account, you can also create an account and it’s free to create an account. Some of the great features Zoom has will be mention in this article. And note that you have to select a preferred plan for your organization or business before you can sign in to your account.

The Zoom Main Features

The zoom feature will help you in knowing the worth of the site and the benefit it.

  • Help you in One-on-one Meeting: you have the access to host unlimited one on one meetings even when using their free plans.
  • Group video conferences meeting: you have the access to host up to 500 participants if you are purchasing a large meeting. Mine while the free plan also allows you to host video conferences of up to 40 minutes and add up to 100 participants.
  • You can also do screen sharing: this is meeting one-one with a large group and shares your screen with them to see what you see.

These are the following features accessible when you create an account or sign in to Zoom. The Zoom sign up actually leads to the Zoom sign in of your account 

How to Create a Zoom Account

Creating an account is very easy once you are able to read the instruction in the article carefully without any error. Visit the official site https://zoom.us/signup on any of you web browser. Then fill in all the details show to you on the web page with your correct details and click on the continue button.  You will have to produce your work email address to precede the operation and click on the sign up. You will be sent a confirmation letter to your email, click on it to confirm it. Then you have successfully had a Zoom account. afterward, you can go to the Zoom sign in page to access your zoom account.

How to Sign In to Zoom

Note that before you can sign in to your Zoom account or perform the Zoom sign in you need to have subscribed to an account plan on the platform. Then you need to visit your web browser and paste the URL https://zoom.us/sign in. Then you will be taken to the main site where you will be asked to enter your Email Address and password before you will be able to access your account. Meanwhile, you can also scroll down the page, to locate the signing with SSO, Google, and also with Facebook sign in.