10 Fiverr Alternatives For Businesses And Freelancers

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Fiverr Alternatives – Inarguably, Fiverr is among the best platform for freelancers and it has become widely popular over the years. This platform only provides top-notch quality services.

10 Fiverr Alternatives For Businesses And Freelancers

Fiverr is an ideal choice for freelancers and it has lots of freelancing services which range from web development, video editing, and graphic design. However, Fiverr also has its own drawback which has caused several freelancers and businesses to look for alternatives.

Furthermore, Fiverr doesn’t allow any possible contact outside of the platform.  It has a low income and Fiverr takes up to 20% commission on every project. It also demands additional work. All this has made many search for alternatives.  Don’t worry, this blog post will provide the 10 best alternatives to Fiverr.

Fiverr Alternatives

As earlier said, Fiverr is one of the best freelancer websites where you can land a lot of gigs from. However, it has its own drawbacks which have caused many to look for an alternative. Here are some of the best alternatives to Fiverr.


This was established in 1998 in Pittsburgh and it is one of the oldest and biggest freelancing platforms. Guru is a networking platform that connects businesses that need expert services with more than 2 million freelancers around the world. 

It is also an excellent choice for a start-up where one person can complete the full task. It is also focused on digital marketing, design works, and also web development. The platform also provides efficiency in tracking your payment that includes hourly pay recurring fees by tasks and also the progress on the particular project.

Fiverr AlternativesSEOClerks

This freelancer platform is a niche marketplace that focuses in SEO services. It also enables users to filter jobs by level, experience, skills, and also prices. This platform also charges only 10% to it buyers. SEOClerks also enables users to look for on-page SEO, establish backlinks, increase website traffic, and also buy social medial followers. This platform is about ranking gigs.


This is one of the largest competitors of Fiverr and they are popular and also user-friendly. This platform also provides a wide range of services maintaining its longstanding reputation in the industry. Upwork also has more than 12 million freelancers offering expert standards and a more secure way for payment exchanges.

This freelancer platform works when a buyer post about a job and it enables you to wait for freelancers to send a proposal. Upwork bidding system works differently from Fiverr. It also takes up to a 20% processing fee on the first $5000 earnings from a freelancer.  Most freelancer jobs such as data science, finance, admin work, writing, marketing, IT, and customer support are mostly common on Upwork.

Fiverr AlternativesFreelancer

They have been established for over 13 years and it is a common place for freelancing, outsourcing, and crowdsourcing work.  Freelancer is a budget-friendly platform that is suited for freelancers and businesses. This platform has more than 56 million registered freelancers and employers from different industries. This is one of the best alternatives to Fiverr.


This platform provides only top-notch talent for a higher price than Upwork. However, it also has a long freelance screening process and it includes personality assessment, screening process, skill set, and language proficiency. Toptal connects businesses with a few experts for a high fee.  Experts that work with Toptal are mostly coders, digital managers, UX UI specialists, software engineers, interaction designers, finance experts, and digital and technical project managers.

Fiverr AlternativesPeoplePerHour

This is a freelancer platform that is based in the United Kingdom and it is ideal for small business. It also helps businesses to connect with the right skill set.  Its payment system is by the hour and it is a budget-friendly platform that provides attractive seller fees.  The more money the buyer spends the lower the commission that PeoplePerHour charges.

This platform enables freelancers to post their services under several categories and also get hired by several employers with a payment agreement before the project starts.  They also make their freelancers go through a rigorous screening before they are allowed on the platform.  This is all to make sure that they deliver top-notch services to their customers.  One of the merits of this platform is that offers users several protection safeguards against fraud or scams.


This is also one of the best alternatives for Fiverr. This is also a platform for freelancers who are searching for a work. It has only a dollar commission option.  On this platform, users can register as a seller and use their skills to make money online.  It also has a long rigorous moderation system that makes sure that the services offered are high quality and fit the description written by the sellers.

It has made more than 900,000 orders deliveries worldwide. The transactions are also secured and buyers pay their orders before the work commences. The money is then placed in an escrow account until the order is finished and then the money is transferred to the seller’s account. The money can then be withdrawn from their account when the seller wishes.

Fiverr AlternativesSolidGigs

This platform is ideal for beginners and it is also one of the best alternatives. It also alerts you about daily jobs and also keeps the client informed. It also has a wide array of jobs in areas such as accounting, administration, designing, and transcribing.  Furthermore, the website also has 129 different course videos, downloadable lessons, templates and spreadsheets, and tools along with other materials.]

Envato Studio

This is also one of the ideal alternatives to Fiverr which has a wide range of professionals and this platform also provides several services such as web development, online marketing, animation, programming, and digital design. This freelance platform makes sure that the clients get only top-notch developers and designers in the market that is fitted for their services. This platform also has a unique feature that enables the client and the freelancer to communicate with each other and also send files.


This is one of the biggest alternatives to Fiverr with thousands of freelance jobs. They provide businesses with a wide array of talented professionals from different parts of the world. This platform offers top-notch services for a low price. It has job categories such as web design, programming, finance, IT, multimedia and design, admin, and search engine optimization.

Truelancer is not the ideal platform for freelancers because its membership fee ranges from 8 to 10%. In addition, if the client is refunded after a month, then Truelancer takes up to 5% of the project’s deal.

These are some of the best alternatives to Fiverr. If you are interested in either of these you can visit their official website for more information.