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Behance, owned by Adobe, is an online social networking platform that is made for creative exploits. It embeds various sites and services, some of which detail consultancy and online portfolio. it is been refer to as prosite for creative works. The creative world, a term given to this portal, gives its members a great chance to display their works online for free. It then reforms these works in one place and broadcast it widely.

Behance, owned by Adobe, is an online social networking platform that is made for creative exploits. It embeds various sites and services, some of which detail consultancy and online portfolio.

Its workflow lets professional referral sites and companies explore the work publicized. These bodies then access talent on a universal scale, hence maximizing exposure for top talent. Members from all part of the world interact with one another, learn, gain and discover other talents. Over the years, Behance has rendered its services to a wide range of schools and business organizations such as LinkedIn, Adweek, School of Visual Arts (SVA) amongst others.

What is Behance Used For

As was said earlier, bahance is affiliate to Adobe Creative Cloud used to showcase online portfolio work round the world by creative specialists. However, it’s can as well be used for graphic design, illustration, fashion, photography, advertising, fine arts, games design, etc. note also that the behance encourage and motivate creative professional on how they can showcase and discover creative work through the tools provided.

Behance Online Portfolio Web Interface

Behance presents a sleek and user-friendly medium on which it relays its services. Millions of projects are showcased on this portal monthly and all data are correctly estimated on each of item option statistics. This portal is available in a number of languages to enhance user’s easy navigation.

On the top section of the homepage, there is the Account Sign Up box and 2 sub menu options. Discover option is accessible to all visiting users while the Job option requires an account creation for users who are not signed up yet.  The latter option allows members to find creative jobs or post a job.

All creative works are categorized under its main menus. Each menu can be browsed through and easily be switched to get various search results. Results can be viewed for different time frames such as all time, daily, weekly and monthly. The main menus provided on this web portal are as follow:

  • Projects.
  • All Creative Fields.
  • Featured.
  • Worldwide.
  • Additional Filters.

Login option and a quick search bar are situated on the right edge corner of the page. An existing user logs in on her account on this Account Log in option and uses the search bar to filter a selected keyword results.  Every main menu encompasses sub menus with which a visitor or member can narrow her search results.

Typically, a creative work search details project title, worker, field, likes, views and the date feature. Other service options offered are highlighted below on the homepage. Leading creative companies find talent on Behance, and millions of visitors use Behance web portal, app to track the latest, greatest creative talent and online portfolio.

Is Behance Portifolio Free

Making use of the Behance Adobe Creative Cloud Plan is free. And it’s allows users to create an project with it’s free plans without any limitations. Besides, all features and benefits will be accessible once you create an account.

Behance Sign Up

Account creation on this portal is optional as all visitors can view all the creative works uploaded. That’s the only basic feature they can explore, visitors are restricted to use the unlimited content options on Behance web portal. Get started, upload your work, build your personal customized portfolio and start recruiting on this largest creative network. The following are guides to sign up to own an account on Behance.

  1. Launch your browser and enter the Url on the address search bar.
  2. Tap on the Sign Up option.
  3. Fill in the details and click the boxes provided.
  4. Continue by selecting 2 or more of the presented categories.
  5. Click the See my custom feed box and your account is ready.

You can also log in using Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn account. This social media option enhances work’s exposure as your projects can easily be shared with them when you upload on Behance web portal.

Behance Mobile App

The creative world is available on mobile devices and can be installed on Google Play Store or App Store depending on the device a member uses. Behance web portal includes an App option on the below-listed options where it states all the different kind of Behance Apps that are available for download. This is one of the best portfolio websites with a mobile app for it users.

The app allows its users to display their projects in the creative network world and get inspired by the works uploaded by the other members. Get the link to download from its official website. Behance app can also be downloaded on any other trusted official web platforms.