Best Apps for Editing Pictures in 2023

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What are the best apps for editing pictures? It is no longer news that capturing and sharing pictures is now a part of our lives. Oftentimes, we feel our pictures don’t look perfect until they have been retouched with some unique tools from our favorite picture editing apps.

Best Apps for Editing Pictures in 2023

So, are you in search of the best editing apps for your pictures? If yes, there are several apps that you can use for your editing, which would give your pictures that picture-perfect look that could even earn you a million likes on your social media.

What are these apps? Stick with me through to the end of this article to be enlightened.

Best Apps For Editing Pictures 2023

With a lot of photo editing apps on the internet, it can be quite a difficult task to select the one that suits your needs. Luckily, this section will introduce you to the 10 best photo editing apps to improve the quality of your pictures.

Afterlight Photo

Afterlight offers a great balance between ease and precision. You can find editing options in the app that involve touch tools. These allow for more accurate editing.

This app allows you to adjust saturation, color, hue, and a lot more. It has an outstanding collection of preset filters. In the filter library, you will see mobile guest photographers and several themes.

In addition, Afterlight also offers RAW image support and additional tools that include editing options such as light leak, double exposure, and film grain.


Hypocam is one of the best editing apps for black-and-white photography. This editing app is smooth and nominal, and you can use a large range of standard creative tools.

It has presets that are perfect for neutral photography. For a free app, Hypocam has all photo editing features such as exposure, shadows, and contrast.

You can choose to take a picture or select from your library. On this app, you can regulate your shot and apply filters.

Hypocam also stores all of your post-process and edits in case you would like to visit them later.


Snapseed is among the best apps for editing pictures, and it is owned by Google. This photo editing app offers an excellent balance between profound photo editing and simplicity.

On Snapseed, you will find many selections of over 29 important tools and filters. There is also a brush, healing, and HDR. Another feature is that it has the capacity to perform photo editing.

The changes will show in a preview as you edit your photos, and they do not damage the quality of the image. It can also edit your RAW files, and you can alternate your images with ease.

Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma can turn your normal image into a spectacular painting. This makes the photo editing app unique from others, and it has a massive library of filters.

It makes use of AI technology to edit your photo. You can also edit the last image to your taste. You will also see a full suite of photo editing options.

Adobe Lightroom for Mobile

Adobe Lightroom for mobile is a remarkable and powerful editing app. This app is also among the software suites with Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Lightroom, or Photography Plan.

This app is completely free, and you can also use different types of standard editing tools in its free version. However, having a subscription per month is better because you will have access to many tools.


PhotoDirector is also among the best apps for editing photos. It is a user-friendly photo editing app that offers several creative features to edit your photos. It also has a touch of royalty-free stock library provided by iStock and Shutterstock.

This app has skillful, quality tools that can turn an ordinary picture into a splendid one. It has every basic editing tool and customized collages, color grading, object removal tools, and an A1-powered background replacement for adding perfect evenings to your photos.

Photoshop Camer

Photoshop Camera is an editing app that is easy to use. It adds a library of lens systems with simple fine-tuning tools. These features apply various styles to your photos as you edit them.

Though this app is not a really powerful editing app, it still brings out your creative side with its outstanding features. Photoshop Camera is a wonderful, light-hearted option. It is a perfect option for editing apps, and it is also a free app.


VSCO is also part of the best app for editing photos. The editing suite with a social feed is free to use. It has tools like temperature correction, contrast, and exposure. All these features make VSCO perfect for photographic and moody shots.

Superimpose X

Superimpose X is an editing app that lets you take wonderful photos. It has a decent balance between image management and after-effects. Its features can also be somehow tricky to master, but there are a lot of tutorials to assist you.

Superimpose X boasts a healthy collection of layer properties and a good-looking design. It has different features that allow you to effortlessly edit your photos.


Foodie is a photo editing app that is based on generating the best food images for Instagram. It has a large library of presets and outstanding tools that make it perfect for editing food photos.

You can also find a few good-looking filters, and a lot of them are perfect for things other than food. If you are a lover of taking selfies, then this photo editing app is perfect for you, and it is also free to use.

In conclusion, a lot of photo editing apps offer easy and fast editing tools, and almost all of them also let you edit videos. Whether you are an expert or not, these photo editing apps have a lot of tools that are very easy to understand and utilize to give your pictures that perfect look.